Why has the removable battery disappeared from our phones?

Smartphone manufacturers have increasingly been phasing out removal batteries from their units over the last decade. Despite this move, several users claim that they wish that their models still held these parts.

Phone Battery
Removal batteries are largely a thing of the past for mobile phones. Photo: Pexels

The demand is there

Android Authority reports that 44.3 per decent of its audience who took part in a poll stated that they think removable batteries should be in every single smartphone. Additionally, another 32.1 percent said that they’d like to see them in every phone but didn’t mind either way.

This means that only 22.6 percent of the readers do not care if their phones have removal batteries. With so many smartphone users caring about this feature, it raises questions as to why companies aren’t implementing it.

Improved design

Primarily, manufacturers started increasingly adopting non-removal batteries to ensure sleeker and thinner design for their phones. According to DGS Media, since the permanent batteries don’t require back panels to shield it from impact, they take up less space inside devices.

Samsung S10
Phones are now more sleek and their batteries are more powerful than ever before. Photo: Samsung

Also, users are no longer subject to having phones that are designed to fit around the rectangular removal battery. Therefore, they can continue to hold powerful yet slim phones in their pockets.

Better functionality

Additionally, the omission of batteries from smartphones helps them to become water-resistant. This feature is now a standard for most commercial units and firms will be reluctant to drop it from their devices’ specifications.

There are also benefits when it comes to security by implementing non-removal batteries. By having a removable back panel, thieves could get into the hardware and potentially disable tracking features. With the tech now safely locked inside, it’s protected against any infiltrators.

Manufacturer interest

Nonetheless, for users, there are some drawbacks to having non-removal batteries as a standard. Apple has come under fire over the last few years due to its updates causing strains on iPhone models with older batteries.

An Apple iPhone 11
Apple was one of the first popular smartphone firms to drop removable batteries. Photo: pxhere

Since iPhone owners can’t simply replace the battery so easily, many would have to purchase new phones or spend a lot of money to have an authorized technician have a look.

Moreover, Apple has admitted that its phones have been intentionally designed slow down as they age. The Independent shared that that this is to help batteries cope the long run so that the iPhones can be preserved.

Altogether, it’s unlikely that we will see a reverse in the policy of phone manufacturers anytime soon. There is a lot a stake by having a removal battery.

Companies have been racing to increase battery life, reduce charge time and having better wireless charging capabilities. Therefore, they would rather invest in these developments than trying to preserve removable functionalities.

Do you miss removal batteries? Let us know what you think of their omission from modern devices in the comment section.

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