T-Mobile CEO John Legere is wanted by WeWork to captain its struggling helm

WeWork wants to hire the head of T-Mobile John Legere. The office-sharing expert is looking to fill the spot left by co-founder Adam Neumann, following his departure.
WeWork specializes in cost-effective, modern office space. Photo: GoToVan via Wikimedia Commons

Open position

CNN reports that the firm’s parent was looking to go public but failed. Therefore Japanese outfit SoftBank Group Corp bought the company, severing ties with Neumann. The former executive was reportedly paid $1.7 billion to step down. Subsequently, if Legere does take the helm, he will be leaving his former employer at a crucial moment.

Currently, T-Mobile is completing a merger with fellow carrier Sprint. If the deal goes through, it will cause a major shift in the mobile network industry. Ultimately, if approved by authorities, it will result in a deal worth $26 billion. However, the proposal faces a huge barrier with 15 states and the District of Columbia turning to the courts to block it going ahead.

As a result of Legere’s reported talks with WeWork, his current company’s stock fell by 2.5% yesterday. Nonetheless, if the merger goes through, it will connect all of the firms together as SoftBank owns a majority stake in Sprint. The investment group also has shares in Alibaba, Uber, and Slack to name a few.

WeWork Coworking Space
WeWork’s Coworking Spaces offer an innovative alternative to traditional offices. Photo: GoToVan via Wikimedia Commons

Suitable replacement

WeWork was bailed out with its purchase and Legere would be a suitable pick to take the company to new strengths. He became CEO of T-Mobile in 2012 and transformed the business into the fastest-growing carrier in the United States. Meanwhile, WeWork was founded in 2010 and went on to revolutionize shared spaces and office services for entrepreneurs and businesses.

The firm’s model is to purchase real estate space, even if it is one floor, then transforming it into smaller segments. Thereafter, they turn the space into smaller offices for businesspeople or companies. The unique selling point is that the firm can offer the services of a full office but with fewer overheads.

T-Mobile and Sprint announce merger on November 5th, 2019
T-Mobile will be busy heading into the new year as it seeks to iron out its merger with Sprint amid opposition. Photo: T-Mobile

Future prospects

The digital age enables less need for larger offices. Along with this, there is an increase in self-employed workers and freelancers. Furthermore, there has been an emergence of startups in the post-recession era, making WeWork a great fit for these new markets.

With some clever leadership, the brand could continue to develop into a long-term powerhouse as the 2020s approach. Meanwhile, the T-Mobile-Sprint partnership will no doubt be one of the major talking points as the year heads to a close.

The two carriers have also aligned with AT&T and Verizon to implement the Cross-Carrier Messaging Initiative (CCMI). This is an ambitious project to replace Short Message Service (SMS) with Rich Communication Services (RCS)

Do you think T-Mobile’s Legere would be a good fit as an executive at WeWork? Let us know your thoughts on the move in the comment section.

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