Townew is a bin that seals and cleans itself

Townew, a new bin from the increasingly prominent Xiaomi, promises to revolutionize the world of waste disposal, by sealing and cleaning itself. The Chinese electronics company is currently working on turning its prototype into the final product, after Townew caught fire via crowdfunding.
Townew automatic self-cleaning bin.
Townew promises to revolutionize garbage disposal. Photo: Indiegogo.

Automated bin

Xiaomi promises that this new waste disposal unit delivers an unequalled level of automation for homes of all sizes. The innovative sealing technology included in Townew ensures that you can can find trash and change your bin bag with merely the press of a button.

The Townew release also features a minimal design, intended to ensure that it is as inconspicuous as possible. The advantages of Townew are obvious, breaking the chain between the horrible process of having to deal with garbage, and using your hands.

Xiaomi explains in its blurb for the product that a motion sensor has been built into Townew, in order to enhance the smart features of the bin. And Xiaomi has already stated that all customers will receive a 365-day manufacturing warranty, meaning that the product is guaranteed for a full year, with money-back available for unsatisfied consumers.

Townew launched on Indiegogo, and the project has now been completed, with the smart bin on sale at various locations. Retail pricing does vary somewhat, but Townew can generally be picked up for around $100-150.

Townew automatic self-sealing bin.
The bin deals with garbage bags automatically. Photo: HelloTowNew.

Striking design

The design of the bin is rather striking, meaning that it will fit into even the most stylish home with aplomb. And there are a range of features included in Townew which will also make it useful for most households.

Townew operates by recognizing the wave of your hand, before sealing the bag enclosed with a press of a button. When you wave your hand over the sensor, located on top of the bin, the lid of the device opens, enabling you to deposit your trash, before the lid automatically closes within a few seconds.

Furthermore, when you lift out the bag from the device, and shut the lid of Townew, the system will automatically install a new bag, which instantly becomes ready to use. This is very much a labor-saving device, as well as a smart system.

Townew also includes a rechargeable battery, meaning that it is possible to use the unit for up to 8 months between recharges. Alternatively, the smart bin plugs straight into the mains, meaning that it can be left plugged in over a period of time as well.

Townew cleans and seals itself.
Townew is just one of several products vying for inclusion in smart homes. Photo: Indiegogo.

Early reviews

Early reviews for Townew have been a promising, although some users have noted that the amount of time that the bin provides you with when opening and shutting the lid is a little on the short side. Xiaomi has included a new feature referred to as Open-Lid Mode in an attempt to address this.

Townew has been manufactured with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, an engineering-grade plastic, with huge resistance to chemicals and all manner of other corrosion. It seems that the manufacturers have covered every base with Townew, but it remains to be seen whether consumers will be willing to spend over $100 on a bin.

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