Here’s some of the top things you can get your new Alexa to do

This intelligent assistant makes it possible to carry out a wide range of useful activities around the home, which include some nifty innovations.

Amazon Alexa skills
Alexa has been a driving force in the success of Amazon smart devices. Photo: Raysonho via Wikimedia.

1. Phone calls

First things first, Alexa makes it possible to make telephone calls, much in the fashion of any landline. Alexa can also be used as an answering machine, collating messages from calls that you miss.

2. Smart home control

There are an increasing number of smart devices and appliances in the average home, and Alexa can help you take control of these devices. Alexa includes a smartphone compatibility tool which outlines all of its capabilities, but some of the most obvious smart home applications include controlling your lights, opening and closing your garage door, and monitoring the temperature of your house.

3. Cooking ideas

One of the more interesting and original aspects that Amazon has included in Alexa is the array of cooking tips that the smart system can provide in the kitchen. The AI-driven client can provide a good deal of assistance when cooking, and this can be a godsend, particularly at Christmas.

4. Keep up-to-date

Alexa is powered with an algorithm that makes it possible for the device to select a range of appropriate and relevant new stories and media for your digestion on a daily basis. Furthermore, Alexa news is drawn from a highly diverse selection of sources.

Amazon Alexa skills
The Amazon Echo has been a retail success, outselling Apple and Google devices. Photo: Michael Sheehan via Flickr.

5. Educate and entertain your children

Amazon has included a wide range of games and other items of entertainment in Alexa, which really appeal to children. There are several Amazon Echo account games available, and other goodies and titbits included as well.

6. Skill Finder

Alexa has a wide range of skills available, and not all of these are immediately apparent. So by launching the Skill Finder, the speaker system will walk you through all of her particular talents.

7. Fitness features

There are a variety of fitness feedback and guidance features included in Alexa, and these make it possible to monitor your nutritional and workout information.

8. TV control

If you don’t feel like getting out of that comfortable armchair, Alexa makes it possible to completely control your TV almost entirely by voice. Alexa is even compatible with modern apps and streaming services, such as Netflix.

Amazon Alexa skills
There are now a wide variety of devices available from Amazon which implement Alexa. Photo: Pexels.

9. Spotify music

Naturally enough, Alexa plays music through Amazon Music as a default, but it can also be used to drive Spotify. While the system has more built-in features for Amazon Music, it does also operate Spotify perfectly adequately.

10. Train Guard

Finally, the Amazon Echo now has the ability to monitor your home while you’re away. Built-in microphones can be made operational simply by saying “Alexa, I’m leaving” just before exiting your home.

So Alexa is providing a huge amount of value around homes all over the world, while its ability to learn on the job means that it can even acquire new skills. No wonder that it has been such a hit for Amazon.

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