Here’s our Top 5 announcements made at CES this year

What a week it has been at CES 2020! The event managed to offer great insights into what the future of technology will look like this decade. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the top five announcements made from the show.

Hyun-Suk Kim
Samsung President and CEO of Consumer Electronics Division Hyun-Suk Kim introduced several exciting innovations at CES. Photo: CES

Sony Vision-S

One of the most surprising announcements from the show was from Sony. The Japanese manufacturer unveiled a concept for the Vision-S. This is an electric car that is indicated to have as many as 33 sensors to detect objects while it drives. Furthermore, it will hold a Solid State LiDAR to help it avoid crashes.

Additionally, it is set to be able to accelerate from 0-100kmh in 4.8 seconds. This isn’t quite on the level of a Tesla 3 but Elon Musk’s company is set to be joined by strong competition.

Sony Vision S
Sony could shake up the car market with the Vision-S. Photo: Sony


Another automobile that turned heads at CES was Mercedes-Benz’s new concept that is directly inspired by the blockbuster movie Avatar.

The car is being referred to as VISION AVTR and has 33 ‘bionic flaps’ that scale across the body of to resemble a creature from the film. Even through the name is also an obvious homage to the movie, the car manufacturer shared that it also stands for Advanced Vehicle Transformation.

Additionally, the wheel design of the model is inspired by the film’s Tree of Souls. However, the car does not hold a steering wheel as Mercedes is targeting it to be completely self-driving.

Apart from the quirky exterior, the concept boasted some unique yet sustainable features. It holds organic battery technology, which is constructed from recyclable materials. Furthermore, the fabric of the interior contains vegan leather.

The VISION AVTR would no doubt get heads turning if it was on the road. Photo: Mercedes-Benz

The Hyundai and Uber partnership

While discussing transport, it’s impossible to leave out the joint announcement from automobile veteran Hyundai and taxi specialist Uber. The pair are working on a Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) named S-A1. The concept PAV is equipped with electric verticle take-off and landing (eVTOL) technology.

Additionally, it is designed to seat five people, with one of them being a pilot. Effectively, this could mean fewer passengers’ having their uber driver stuck in traffic while waiting to pick them up as it could just fly to them!

Hyundai PAV Personal Air Vehicle
The S-A1 could also be a more sustainable option than current forms of transport. Image: Hyundai

Samsung’s Takeover

Samsung couldn’t wait till the event to start announcing their creative projects lined up this year. The tech giant revealed a range of groundbreaking health, lifestyle and security initiatives at the event. Additionally, it introduced a series of screens, including the ‘Infinity’ QLED 8K TVs that are 99% screen.

Samsung is also focusing on AI technology with the introduction of Ballie and piBo. On the back of the show, images of what seems to be the upcoming Galaxy Fold have leaked. The phone is allegedly being rebranded as the Samsung Bloom.

Samsung Infinity
Samsung’s upcoming offerings look to be a cut above the rest. Photo: Samsung


The streaming industry is becoming overcrowded and video hosting companies are struggling to differentiate from each other when it comes to their format. Quibi hopes to change this with their ‘quick bites’ offering. It is looking to 175 shows and 8,500 short clips within its first year.

Moreover, it has an incredible lineup when it comes to its leadership. Jeffrey Katzenberg, former head of Walt Disney Studios and Dreamworks and Meg Whitman, previous CEO of HP and eBay are at the helm.

Additionally, it has already raised $1 billion in funding from the likes of Alibaba, Disney, and Fox. The company could be filling in a gap in the market to target those that are looking to indulge in shorter programming.

CEO Meg Whitman
Quibi CEO Meg Whitman speaking at the company’s keynote address at CES 2020. Photo: CES

Stacked show

There were so many exciting presentations at CES this year. Some of the other key moments include how airlines such as Delta and American made statements of intent to implement more modern technology into their operations.

One step American has already taken is to include Google Assistant’s interpreter mode at its airport lounges. Additionally, companies are beefing up their safety policies, such as Twitter and its tool to give users more control over who can respond to their tweets.

There were also a plenty of gadgets unveiled during the week. ZDNet reports on inventions such as the Y-Brush Toothbrush. This unique brush with a mouthguard-like design can allegedly clean all of its user’s teeth in just 10 seconds.

Other products such as the Urgonight have also been introduced to improve wellbeing. This headgear uses neurofeedback therapy to share a real-time display of its user’s brain activity to help them get better night’s sleep.

Google Interpreter Mode
The Google Assistant interpreter mode could massively increase communication capabilities across businesses. Photo: Google

The stage is set

Altogether, it is clear that modern technology will play an even greater role in the daily lives of global populations throughout this decade. The key industry that is set to be revolutionized based on the announcements is transport. Reformed personal vehicles and new passenger services are set to massively change the way people travel.

Check our full coverage from CES 2020 by clicking here. Which announcement has got you the most excited? Let us know your thoughts on the whole event in the comment section.

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