Tidal welcomes Dolby Atmos to its music streaming service

When Jay-Z bought TIDAL in 2015, he made a vow to provide a high-quality service for both musicians and their fans. Now, the firm has taken another step closer to achieving that with its new partnership with Dolby.
Tidal and Dolby
Tidal and Dolby have collaborated on a project that music enthusiasts will appreciate. Photo: Dolby

What will be offered?

The music streaming service will be bringing Dolby Atmos surround sound technology to its platform. A Dolby press release explains that Atmos allows listeners to connect with music at its fullest capacity and creative potential. Moreover, it offers music lovers a chance to hear what would traditionally be lost in standard recordings.

This feature will only be available on a premium TIDAL HiFi subscription. This package allows users to listen to music in four streaming qualities. These levels are normal, high, HiFi, and Master. However, the cost of this subscription is $19.99 per month, over TIDAL’s standard price of $9.99 per month.

Nonetheless, music artists and connoisseurs will notice the difference in sound quality, especially with features such as Dolby Atmos added to the mix. This will combine seamlessly with the TIDAL HiFi’s audio codec, which achieves high-resolution (96kHz/24bit) audio.

Jay-Z and Beyonce
Jay-Z bought TIDAL for $56 million. Music artists such as Beyonce often release exclusive content on the platform. Photo: Janne Wittoeck via Flickr

A suitable match

TIDAL COO Lior Tibon states that the alliance with Dolby helps his company deliver on its promise of giving a high-grade musical experience.

“TIDAL members have come to expect the highest-quality listening experience from our platform, and it is a priority for us to stay at the forefront of innovation,” Tibon said, as per the release.

“Dolby Atmos will give music fans the ability to enjoy the best possible audio quality.”

SVP of Dolby Laboratories commercial partnerships John Couling shared how his company uses its technology to expand on the listening experience.

“Dolby Atmos is redefining how music is created, allowing artists and fans to experience it like never before,” Couling said.

“Together with TIDAL, we are expanding the reach of Dolby Atmos Music by enabling a more immersive way for people around the world to enjoy their favorite songs and albums.”

Spotify Logo
A greater appreciation for high-quality sound is something that separates TIDAL from its competitors such as Spotify. Photo: Spotify via Wikimedia Commons

A sound approach

This partnership follows Mixhalo’s initiative of providing a similar experience at music concerts. It wants attendees to hear what the musicians and sound crew can. The brand feels that a lot of the original recording is lost through traditional methods of playback.

There is an abundance of streaming services out there, such as Apple Music and Spotify. Therefore, TIDAL has to focus on its unique selling points, which are its attention to sound quality and positive relationships with musicians. So, with movements like taking on Dolby Atmos, it is keeping on track with its mission.

What are your thoughts on how companies are placing more of a priority on sound quality? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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