See Disney’s The Mandalorian as a wonderful 80s sitcom

Disney’s new Star Wars spin-off series, The Mandalorian, has been doing the rounds on the internet, mainly thanks to a particularly cute ‘Baby Yoda’. Now, a brief trailer of The Mandalorian has been re-edited as an 80s sitcom, and it’s works really well.
The Mandalorian as an 80s sitcom
The Mandalorian has proven a massive hit so far. Photo: Gareth Wood via Facebook

The Mandalorian, Disney’s latest Star Wars project, first aired on Disney’s new Disney+ streaming service on 12 November. So far it’s proven a real hit with critics and viewers alike.

The Mandalorian has been praised as a return to the Star Wars of old, something many fans thought they’d never see after Disney acquired Lucasfilm back in 2012.

The Mandalorian’s portrayal of its characters is intimate and charming, transporting viewers to a world which feels exciting and, above all, authentic.

The series already offers a novel take on the Star Wars universe, feeling distinctly reminiscent of old western films at times.

But a new mashup trailer created by British animator Gareth Wood takes The Mandalorian in a whole new direction altogether.

The Mandalorian as an 80s sitcom

Gareth Wood released his reworked trailer of The Mandalorian on Facebook last Friday, and as of now it’s already got 689k views.

If you were unaware of the story line or premise behind the series, you’d probably be fully convinced that it was a sitcom based upon the trailer. If you haven’t already seen it, check it out below.

When it comes to achieving that authentic 1980s feel, the trailer really nails it. It has everything a real 80s sitcom would have, from the hazy VHS-style aura to the cheesy sax soundtrack.

According to Gizmodo’s blog post on the trailer, the soundtrack is actually taken from a real 80s sitcom – My Two Dads which first aired in 1987 – so it’s no wonder it sounds the part.

On top of the soundtrack and visual effects, Wood’s mashup also has the classic 80’s character intros, with wacky moments and comical predicaments included.

But this mashup is far from the first we’ve seen over the years.

Other crossover trailers

The 80s sitcom genre is one which works surprisingly well when applied to a number of different shows. Back in 2012 a mini episode of Game of Thrones reworked in the style of Seinfeld took YouTube by storm.

It’s amazing what you can pass off as comedy with a well-timed laugh track. Ahem… The Big Bang Theory.

Then you have cult classic Paul Blart: Mall Cop reworked as a serious action movie. Segways aside, you could easily imagine it as a gritty heist film based upon this trailer alone.

In fact, passing light-hearted comedy films off as serious thrillers appears to be a tried and tested formula.

You’ve got Mrs Doubtfire as a horror movie, which quite frankly looks terrifying.

And finally, Will Ferrell’s Christmas classic Elf re-cut as a thriller.

The 80s sitcom mashup trailer of The Mandalorian may not be representative of the series itself. But trust the reviews when they say The Mandalorian is a return to the Star Wars we know and love.

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