The Decade Wrapped is Spotify’s first big podcast and it’s a celebration

Following the release of Spotify Wrapped, the streaming service have launched a ten series podcast, each covering one year of the last decade. So what has really changed in the last ten years?
Super Bass by Nicki Minaj
The first Spotify podcast looks at the rise of female pop stars in 2010. Image: Spotify

Spotify Wrapped

Every year around early December, Spotify releases the annual edition of Wrapped. The playlist summarises ever users most played songs. You can see cool graphics showing your top artists and pinpoint what you were listening to at certain times in the year.

This year marks the end of the decade. It is also the first full decade of music data that Spotify has since they launched in 2006.

As such, A Decade Wrapped was also released. This is the same as Wrapped but covers all your top artists and music over the last ten years.

With 217 million users and 100 million premium users, that is a whole chunk of music data!

Search for #Wrapped or #SpotifyWrapped on Twitter and you’ll see thousands of users sharing their best – and most cringe-worthy – music moments!

Spotify Wrapped Top Songs 2019
Wrapped catalogues all the music listened to through Spotify in the year. Image: Twitter

The Decade Wrapped

As another added bonus, Spotify has also created a ten-series podcast called The Decade Wrapped. Each episode focuses on a year of pop music within the decade. Guests include music industry journalists, critics and celebrities.

We reported recently on how Spotify is expanding the service to include podcasts. It makes sense that they are backing this up with a podcast of their very own, hosted by Eric Eddings.

The first four episodes are live now; they look at:

  • 2010 – The Rise of Nicki Minaj
  • 2011 – Fans, Stans And One Direction
  • 2012 – Oppa Gangnam Style
  • 2013 – Do The Harlem Shake

Spotify’s Newsroom have also released the overview of each of the remaining seven episodes, so if you are interested in a recap of a particular year, take a look!

The first three were released on 16th December, and one new podcast is being released each day thereafter.

Is it any good?

Actually, it’s pretty funny, and very nostalgic if you are into pop music. The Decade Wrapped has been created from Spotify users streams, so it is heavily focused on pop chart music.

For me though, this brought back loads of memories I’d completely forgotten about!

Miley Cyrus swinging on a wrecking ball? The Harlem Shake being recreated by millions of people around the world? Bring it on! I would warn you that there is a little swearing here and there, so be warned if you’re listening in earshot of children.

Spotify says that ‘we’re taking a journey through the last decade in music‘ and will incorporate ‘data and insights from Spotify’s popular Wrapped campaign‘.

The podcasts aren’t solely about music though. Eddings reminisces about key world events and celebrity stories, which puts it all into context. I think The Decade Wrapped is what podcasts should be – funny, interesting, and a great way to pass the time on a long drive.

Have you checked your Decade Wrapped playlist yet? Any big clangers? Let me know what you think about the podcast!

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