TemTem is the Pokemon-style MMO we’ve all been waiting for

A new Pokémon-inspired MMO is coming to Steam at the beginning of next year. Temtem is set to be an all-encompassing online multiplayer experience that focuses on creature-collection.
TemTem gameplay
Temtem is set to be a colorful game that allows players to discover new lands while coming across unique creatures. Photo: Crema Games

A new world to explore

The game will be available on early access from January 21, 2020, with the mission to become the best Temtem tamer, much like Nintendo’s theme of becoming a Pokèmon trainer.

Gamers will be able to explore the six islands of the Airborne Archipelago. This is where humans coexist peacefully with the Temtem creatures. According to the game’s Kickstarter campaign, each island has its own characteristics, with different types of Temtem on each one.

Denis is a Mediterranean landscape that holds Water and Wind Temtem. There is an ancient fort and plenty of water features such as Indigo Lake.

TemTem logo
The Temtem creatures resemble some of the popular faces within the Pokémon world. Photo: Crema Games

Other regions

Meanwhile, Arbury has a university where Melee Temtem go up against the Mind Temtem. Furthermore, the labs of the new-age island of Cipanku produce Digital Temtem. These creations go up against the monks of the island’s Electric Temtem.

Omninesia is a cluster of tropical isles that connect to each other by rope bridges. This range is the home of Nature and Fire Temtem that can be found in atolls and volcanos.

Additionally, Tucma is a dangerous land that holds noxious lakes and Toxic Temtem. Underneath the hazardous land are Crystal Temtem. Finally, Kisiwa is a high-temperature savanna that holds a variety of Neutral Temtem and Earth Temtem.

Filling the gap

Altogether, there is a massive range of creatures for players to discover and develop. This is the sort of game that Pokémon fans have been eager to play over the years.

Temtem scene
Landscapes such as the volcanos of Omninesia will offer an engaging experience to meet other players and new Temtem. Photo: Crema Games

Pokémon Sword and Shield had a hint of MMO inspiration with its sandbox approach. However, this is not the all-encompassing experience that has been desired.

Instead, Nintendo has prioritized an augmented reality and mobile gaming approach with Pokémon GO! and it looks to be going deeper into this lane. Pokémon GO! developer Niantic is now partnering with Qualcomm to enhance its AR technology.

According to Steam, players will be able to battle other gamers within this world. There is also in-game opposition in the form of Clan Belsoto. This group has a plot to rule over the Archipelago and it is the player’s duty to stop it. Players will have to beat all eight Dojo Leaders in order to become the ultimate Temtem tamer.

As Temtem has admitted that is has been inspired by Pokémon, it will be hard for fans to fully accept it as its own product. However, if given the chance, Temtem could go on to be a successful franchise in its own right.

Are you looking forward to trying out Temtem? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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