The top 5 Super Bowl 2020 commercials

Super Bowl LIV saw the Kansas City Chiefs become Super Bowl champions after a comeback against the San Francisco 49ers. With around 100 million viewers, the half time commercial slot is a goldmine. Here’s a look at some of the best adverts from this year.

Super bowl
No expense is spared when it comes to the Super Bowl. Photo: U.S Air Force

Mountain Dew

This ad stars the legendary Bryan Cranston paying homage to Jack Nicholson’s creepy acting in The Shining. Cranston axes his way into a room with Tracee Ellis Ross screaming. However, at the end of it all, he merely just wanted to offer her a Mountain Dew Zero.

The acting in this commercial is reminiscent of Cranston’s thrilling emotion in Breaking Bad. Although by the end of it, there are flashbacks of Hal, his more comedic character from Malcolm in the Middle. Nonetheless, it is great acting across the board.


Before the internet helped memes go viral, Budweiser managed to get everyone shouting  “Whassup” to their friends as the new millennium hit. The phrase could be heard in just about every pop culture scenario for years after the adverts aired.

The beer company brought back the slogan 20 years later, adapting it to new technologies. Smart assistants, resembling the likes of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant can be seen shouting “Whassup” to each other in monotone voices.


Amazon has previously seen the success that working with the NFL can bring. This ad stars celebrity couple Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. They help us imagine what life was like before we had Alexa. Even though it’s more like how we lived before the internet rather than the Alexa, it still takes us back in time.

Amazon Alexa
Amazon devices help smooth out many daily processes that previously took a lot of effort to conduct. Photo: Amazon

Funny gaffs involving newspaper sellers in London and road trips on a horse and cart in the Wild West can be seen. This advert helps us appreciate that technology can make life so much easier today.


This commercial managed to pull at our heartstrings. It portrays an elderly man with Alzheimer’s asking Google Assistant to remember points about Loretta, who seemingly passed away.

Google Home
Google Home products can help those with sensitive conditions maintain aspects of their lives. Photo: Google

He asks Google to pull up photos of of the couple together before asking it to remember what Loretta and doesn’t like. It helps us realise that modern innovations can be so helpful for those who are more vulnerable.


Groundhog Day was one of the several iconic movies from the 1990s. Jeep managed to use the blockbuster film to promote its 2020 Gladiator. The clip sees Bill Murray relive his time where he woke up to the same day, every day.

However, rather than going crazy at the prospect, he now loves every day as he gets to hop in the vehicle and go crazy in it. A clever way to highlight the adventure that the automobile can bring.

While many of the other ads during the half time break were political or emotive, this one managed to entertain while serving its purpose.

High stakes

It remains to be seen which of these ads will stand the test of time like several of their predecessors. With a lot of money behind producing and distributing these commercials, the firms will be hoping to get a considerable return on investment.

Which one is your favorite ad this this list? Are there any others that you feel should be part of it? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comment section.

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