Stadia launched with a bit of a flop

After a huge amount of fanfare, the Google Stadia is finally here. However, after nearly a week of being released, the launch hasn’t quite gone the way that we expected.
The Stadia was released on November 19. Screenshot: Google

The anticipation of Stadia had been huge within both the gaming and tech industries. This is due to its proposed ability to implement cloud-based gaming with a modern pricing structure.

Although, once the release date neared, it was noticeable that there were some teething problems for Google’s new gaming service. Just before the launch, Google announced that it would increase the number of games in the initial lineup from 12 to 22.

The price may not actually be right

Google was making a last-ditch attempt to lure in subscribers. This implies that they may have had less interest than expected. Even though pre-orders for the Founder’s Edition had sold out, Google may have struggled to sell its expected units of the subsequent Premiere Edition.

Stadia and Chromecast
The Chomecast Ultra only comes with the launch packages. Screenshot: Google

If this is the case, it correlations with the Stadia’s biggest criticism, which is its pricing structure. Initially, it seemed like Google’s model was incredibly simple. It was being billed as the Netflix of gaming by media across the globe.

It was expected to be a streamlined subscription for unlimited games within the service’s library. This is actually not the case. The Stadia Pro subscription isn’t an all you can eat buffet, it only gives access to two games. Additionally, it will give discount to purchases on other games.

In fact, even if gamers fork out for one of the near $129 Founder’s or Premiere editions, they won’t get unlimited access to the arsenal. Therefore, there isn’t much of an incentive for gamers to rush to use the service as the majority of the games have already been out for a while.

Incentives to be added

Moreover, the target market has already played the games, so they don’t need to hand over their cash so soon. Once new releases are available on the Stadia, more gamers will consider trying them out on this platform.

Red Dead Redemption 2
Flagship games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 have already been out for at last a year. Photo: BagoGames via Flickr

Furthermore, there is a free base model coming out next year, which will enable many gamers to get familiar with the service, which may lead to a surge in sales.

For now, the term subscription is confusing and leaves users wondering what exactly they are getting. Nonetheless, Google had already told media outlets that in summary, users would expect to buy games like other digital storefronts.

Refinement needed

There have also been some technical and logistical issues since the launch. Wired comments on reports of games not running in 4K. Along with this, there have been delays in pre-orders.

Altogether, there have been many major consoles released in the past that had an underwhelming debut but went on to become major players in the market. Once Stadia overcomes its growing pains and builds a fan base over the next year, it will become a contender in the industry.

Have you had the chance to play the Stadia? Let us know your thoughts of the service in the comment section.

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