Spotify Wrapped 2019 is now available for us all to unwrap

It must be nearly Christmas – Spotify Wrapped is here! To celebrate the end of the decade, Spotify users can also see the last ten years in review. Who do you think came out on top?
Spotify Wrapped screenshot of Taylor Swift as a user's artist of the decade
A Decade Wrapped will show you your artist of the decade. Image: Twitter

The most wonderful time of the year

Spotify releases Wrapped in December every year. They’ve been keeping the release date close to their chests, but it finally came out today!

Wrapped is equal parts a year in review, an international ‘most played’ list, and a little nostalgia. Can’t remember what you were streaming at the stroke of midnight last New Year’s Eve? Spotify can!

The service shows you your year in music. This includes your complete listening history, how long you spent streaming music in 2019, and which songs and artists you chose. Yep, even those cringe-worthy summer anthems you’d forgotten all about!

As well as your year of music, Wrapped also provides a Top 100 of your own favorite tunes and their annual Wrapped list of the most listened to music.

Neon lights in corridor at Spotify Stockholm office
Spotify Wrapped 2019 was launched today. Image: Spotify

A decade in review

This year marks the end of a decade, so Wrapped is a little more special. Not only can you review 2019, but also the last ten years!

It is the first time Spotify has been able to create ‘A Decade Wrapped’, since the company launched in 2006. The period 2010 – 2020 is the first full ten years of the streaming service.

I’m definitely going to take a listen; sounds like a real trip down memory lane!

Spotify has 248 million users, so A Decade Wrapped will be an interesting reflection on changing trends and tastes throughout the world.

Spotify Wrapped home screen
Spotify Wrapped launched today. Image: Spotify

Who clinches the top spot?

For the Wrapped 2019 list, Post Malone is in pole position having achieved 6.5 billion streams globally. Drake won’t be too happy he isn’t holding on to last years title!

Billie Eilish comes in as second most streamed artist, with 6 billion streams. Eilish does claim another prize though since her album ‘When we all fall asleep, where do we go?’ was crowned most played album of the year.

In terms of podcasts, The Joe Budden Podcasts claims first place, with My Favorite Murder in second spot. Since the future of podcasts has been in question lately, it will be interesting to see how this chart changes next year!

Share and share alike

Spotify users can find out their most played song and favorite of 2019, as well as access a Spotify curated playlist of their most chosen songs which will remain available until next year.

Wrapped results can be posted via share cards to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

However, it sounds like you might need to hold your horses for just a little while. Since launching this morning, there have been hundreds of reports that Unwrapped is not working, or is freezing.

Spotify are asking customers to try launching in an incognito browser, or to confirm which version of the app they are using.

My advice? Make sure you have downloaded any updates, and perhaps leave it a few hours. Hopefully by this time the glitches will have been fixed and we can all unwrap Wrapped to our hearts content.

New Years playlist perhaps? Will you be reviewing your Unwrapped playlist? Any surprising most played songs? Share your secret cheesy pleasures with us!

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