Here’s how you use Spotify’s new Sleep Timer on your iOS or Android

The release of a Sleep Timer app on the Android Spotify app earlier this year has just been followed up by a release for iOS platforms. So in this article we’re going to walk you through how you set the Sleep Timer on both iOS and Android.
Spotify Sleep Timer
Sleep Timer has proved to be a popular app for regular Spotify users. Photo: Spotify.

Music app

But before doing this, let’s just briefly explain what the Sleep Timer is all about. The Sleep Timer app is intended for those mobile users who enjoy a little music before bedtime. Sleep Timer will run a playlist on a mobile device, until its user falls asleep, at which point the app will cease music playback.

This is undoubtedly a useful function for those who want to ensure that a carefully cultivated playlist into cycle through while its user is sleeping. And it also ensures that Spotify doesn’t just wear the battery of a device out needlessly, while the app can also have a potentially positive impact on data allowance on cellular networks.

So with Spotify having rolled the new feature out to iOS via a software update, the first things to bear in mind before setting up Sleep Timer is that you’ve downloaded the latest version of the Spotify App from the App Store. Hopefully if you’ve been using Sleep Timer on Android for some time then this will already be the case, but again updating the Spotify app via the Google Play store is to be recommended.

Some users have reported issues with the function not appearing in the Spotify app shortly after it was first released, but this shouldn’t be the case by now. However, if you do experience any issues, try simply rebooting your device.

Spotify Sleep Timer
Spotify has attracted millions of subscribers, becoming the number one music app in the world. Photo: PXFuel.

iOS walkthrough

1. The first step is to simply launch the Spotify app on your iPhone or iPad.
2. Start playing your music, podcast, or other content of your choice.
3. Next select the ‘now playing’ screen, ensuring that the artwork and playback controls are available in the center of the screen.
4. If you’re listening to music then tap the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen. If you’re listening to a podcast, tap the small moon icon in the bottom-right corner of the display of your device.
5. Scroll down the screen and select ‘Sleep Timer’ from the list of options that appear.
6. Select a duration for the timer from the six that are available.

Once the moon icon appears next to the playback controls, you will know that the Sleep Timer is successfully active.

Spotify Sleep Timer
Sleep Timer has been available on Android for some time, but now the app is coming to iOS as well. Photo: PeakPX.

Android walkthrough

1. The first step is to simply launch the Spotify app on your Android device.
2. Start the track or playlist that you wish to listen to, and then tap the three-dot menu in the top right corner.
3. Scroll down and find the option that says ‘sleep timer’ and ensured that it is ticked.
4. A timer asking you how long you want the app to play for will now become available on the display of your device.
5. If you can’t find the option in your settings then try updating the app from the Google Play Store.

And that’s that. You can enjoy your music before bed. And enjoy your sleep in peace.

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