Spotify launches kids-friendly option

Spotify has announced the launch of a brand new, standalone Spotify Kids app. The app, which launches in beta in Ireland today, will provide a curated environment for the next generation of listeners.
Spotify Kids user interface
Spotify has unveiled a new standalone app just for kids. Photo: Spotify

Spotify’s latest announcement is a child-friendly Spotify app just for kids and families. For now, the Spotify Kids app will only be available in beta mode in Ireland.

Spotify will use this initial launch to gain information about how early users interact with the app and its various new features.

The Spotify Kids app will be available to Spotify Premium Family subscribers. Spotify Premium Family is more expensive than a standard $9.99 per month Spotify Premium account, costing $14.99.

But with a Spotify Premium Family account, up to six family members living under one roof can use Spotify, each getting their own Premium account.

From the initial Ireland beta launch, Spotify Kids will soon be made available to all countries which currently offer Premium Family as a subscription option.

The new Spotify Kids app
Spotify Kids should help keep songs from kids shows off the main family Spotify account. Photo: Spotify

What new features will be available on Spotify Kids?

Spotify has already confirmed that Spotify Kids will come as its own standalone app.

As far as features and appearance go, it seems Spotify Kids will be very different to the standard version of Spotify.

For starters, the app will be completely ad-free. This is pretty important considering Spotify is aiming to create an app which is child-friendly, not to mention the fact that users will already technically be paying via their Premium Family subscription.

The appearance of the app will also be specifically tailored towards children, with eye-catching visuals and a simplified navigation system. Children will also be able to personalize various aspects of the app’s appearance, including their own avatar and background colour theme.

The visuals will even change depending on the age of the user. In the press release published today, Alex Norström, Spotify’s Chief Premium Business Officer, says:

“The artwork for younger kids is softer and character-based, while content for older kids is more realistic and detailed.”

Spotify Kids avatars
Spotify Kids will be highly customizable. Photo: Spotify

What music will be available on Spotify Kids?

Obviously, being a music streaming platform for children, the content library available on Spotify Kids will be very different to the standard version.

The content will actually be hand-selected by a team of specialist Spotify Kids editors, and they’re not just normal music curators.

Spotify has recruited editors from industry-leading kids media brands, including Nickelodeon, Disney, Discovery Kids and Universal Pictures. Spotify says these editors have more than 100 years combined experience between them.

As most children enjoy listening to songs from their favourite shows, cartoons or films, content will be organised with this in mind.

The new curated approach to Spotify Kids should also help Spotify Premium Family users keep their own music libraries separate.

There is still the ‘Family Mix’ option that Spotify added to Premium Family recently. This feature allows families to combine their own individual music so that everyone gets to enjoy a bit of what they like at the same time – perfect for long family road trips for example.

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