Sonos rewinds, CEO says old products ‘will continue to work as they do today’

Sonos CEO Patrick Spence has issued an apology to his firm’s customers. This is in response to the backlash that Sonos faced after announcing that software updates and new features may no longer be delivered to its legacy devices.

Sonos Legacy
Sonos’ leadership has issued an apology regarding issues with its older models. Photo: Sonos

According to The Verge, these aged products include the Play:5, Zone Players and Connect / Connect:Amp devices built between 2011 and 2015. This created an uproar as many consumers felt that these units would be massively implicated once the initiative is put into place in May.

Executive summary

Spence took to his company’s website to clarify the situation. He said that he wanted to personally assure customers that the older products will continue to work as normal. He stated that nothing will be taken away and that Sonos will not brick the units.

“Many of you have invested heavily in your Sonos systems, and we intend to honor that investment for as long as possible,” Spence said, as per his statement on Sonos’ website.

“While legacy Sonos products won’t get new software features, we pledge to keep them updated with bug fixes and security patches for as long as possible.

“If we run into something core to the experience that can’t be addressed, we’ll work to offer an alternative solution and let you know about any changes you’ll see in your experience.”

Sonos Water resistant
Newer Sonos units won’t be affected by the upcoming changes. Photo: Sonos

Addressing wider issues

Following the apology, the executive went on to share that Sonos is looking into how to fix issues that some of its customers are facing when it comes to legacy products and modern products coexisting.

He said that the firm is figuring how to split users’ systems so that the newer devices can combine together and receive updates while the older ones remain how they are.

Finally, Spence summarized that nothing extraordinary will happen to the legacy products. However, he sees value in customers upgrading to newer devices.

This is so they can enjoy what the latest technology has to offer. Therefore, he spoke of Sonos’ trade up program as a way for users to upgrade their collections.

However, this initiative also came under fire. Many consumers and recyclers complained that in order to take part in the program, users have to brick their speakers. This effectively makes them obsolete so they can’t be resold or refurbished.

sonos alexa enabled device
Sonos has been no stranger to controversy in the last few months. Photo: Sonos

Damage control

Sonos has also been involved in a messy lawsuit with Google, further keeping it in the eyes of the press. Nonetheless, Spence signed off his statement with a thank you to his customers and mentioned that he values their feedback.

It has been a troubling period for the speaker specialist. However, Sonos will be hoping that this statement can help its reputation get back on track.

What are your thoughts about Sonos’ stance on its legacy products? Do you think Spence has said enough to improve the company’s relationship with its customers? Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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