So, Tiktok has made a phone and it’s only available in China

TikTok has just launched its first smartphone – the Smartisan Nut Pro 3 – in China, and it’s quite literally blowing people away. But, just what’s so incredible about this crazy-cool quad-camera phone? Here’s why us techies all want one.
Smartisan Nut Pro 3 Smartphone
The brand new Smartisan Nut Pro 3 from Tiktok and Bytedance. Photo: Smartisan

Enter The Smartisan Nut Pro 3

TikTok unveiled it’s first and most innovate product yet in the way of a super high-tech smartphone on October 31st. Rumor has it that the design is incredibly similar to the upcoming iPhone 12, which is also rumored to be exceptionally old school (think iPhone 4), Not unexpectedly,  Apple has yet to provide comments to confirm – or dispel – said rumors.

The Smartisan Nut Pro 3 – yes, that’s the name of the phone, and no, we can’t quite understand why either – is said to have far more features than any iPhone – and it might just be the best smartphone on the planet.

Sadly, this TikTok phone won’t be available to any of us in the west as the firm has no plans to release the phone outside of China.

What It Boasts

This phone is supercharged with some of the techiest bells and whistles we all want in a phone, such as four rear cameras – boasting 1 more than the iPhone 11 Pro Max, a 48 MP main camera, 8 MP telephoto lens which makes those zoomed-in shots better than ever, as well as a 5 MP macro cam for the most perfect of close up shots.

In addition to the above, there’s a 13 MP ultrawide camera and a crazy good high-quality forward-facing selfie camera, at 20 MP of pure goodness.

There’s a 6.39” AMOLED display, which is obviously pretty incredible all on its own. Compared to other phones currently on the market, this one’s up there at the top in every way. This phone runs on the 855 Snapdragon Plus processor chipset, the highest quality chipset found in phones right now. 128 GB of storage and 8 GB RAM give this phone ample amounts of space. This enables simultaneous app use without compromising quality or speed.

With a battery like this one – a strong 4,000mAh, all the apps and features on this phone should be good to go for an extended period of time.

The new Smartisan Nut Pro 3 from TikTok
The new Smartisan Nut Pro 3 from TikTok. Photo: Smartisan

What Does It Cost?

So, what will one of these Nut Pro 3 phones cost the lovely people of China? In USD, about $410-$660, roughly speaking, depending upon the storage you choose. This phone is way less expensive than an iPhone with far more features and bragging rights.

Yay or Nay

I know which phone I’d choose. Am I a little bit bitter that I can’t own one? Pretty much.

If TikTok decides to have a change of heart and begins to sell the phones here in the States, I for one already have my sights set on one. Furthermore, I think they could – gasp – make iPhone take a backseat if they began selling them here.

What’s your take on the new Smartisan Nut Pro 3? Would you buy it? What do you think the sexiest features of this phone are? I’d love to hear your thoughts in a comment below.

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