Shadow is another cloud based gaming service with a difference

Earlier this month, we reported on Microsoft’s preparations to release Project xCloud. However, the tech giant isn’t alone in developing new cloud-based gaming services. Yesterday, Blade announced the arrival of Shadow, the ‘first gaming PC “in the cloud”’.
Shadow is now available across various operating systems. Photo: Shadow

A fresh take

The French company has released a service that offers cloud gaming with the specs of an expensive gaming PC. Previously, the brand offered a product that configured Windows 10 on a device for a gaming experience. However, the firm is now moving away from this model, and is now offering its gaming service to be available on any device that holds Android TV, iOS, and Android. Furthermore, the company claims that the platform “offers the best gaming configurations possible.

The advantage to this approach is that gamers won’t have to invest in expensive hardware for top-quality gaming specifications. These investments can quickly become outdated, meaning that gamers have to invest further in upgrading their PCs.

Therefore, with Shadow, gamers can choose from one of three subscription packages, tailored to the needs of different consumers. Boost is the service’s basic package. This is priced from £12.99 per month and allows players to access the latest games in HD from any device.

Shadow Mobile
Big-budget video games can be playable on mobile devices with Shadow. Photo: Shadow

Premium offering

Shadow’s premium offering is titled Infinite. From £39.99 per month, users are given the ability to play games at the ‘best available’ specs in the gaming industry. Here, ray tracing combines with RTX Titan, which is one of the best graphics cards at the moment. Moreover, a healthy 1TB of storage is included with this 4K experience.

The option to go for this cloud-based approach can be incentivizing for many gamers on an economical basis. Top gaming PCs can often go for £2,000. These often need to be upgraded and repaired. They are also often outdated within a few years. In addition, it would take over four years for someone with an Infinite Shadow package to match the price of a PC in this range.

Meanwhile, a gamer with the Boost plan would need to be playing for over 12 years before they reach the price of these computers. Not to mention the fact that there are slightly less cheap pay as you go options available from Shadow.

Shadow interface
Shadow could be set to become a major player in the gaming industry. Photo: Shadow

Changing industry

The emergence of services such as these may change the way games are played in the next decade. Google is also introducing a similar approach with its Stadia. The subscription-based service will give access to an array of games at a monthly cost. Apple had also into a similar concept with Apple Arcade, which allows Apple users to play games at a fixed fee on their devices.

However, Shadow’s model takes this experience a step further, offering previously hardware-only gaming specs to be available on a cloud-based subscription service. The race for the go-to cloud-based gaming service has begun, it’ll be interesting to see who will come out on top once the 2020s are in full-swing.

What do you think about Shadow and its approach? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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