Samuel L. Jackson can become the voice in all your Alexa devices

Amazon Alexa users will soon be able to hear Samuel L. Jackson’s famous voice in their households. The beloved actor has lent his vocals to the product, adding some fun and drama to the experience it gives.
Samuel L. Jackson
Amazon Alexa has added a new yet familiar voice as part of its options. Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Voice of a legend

Fans of the actor will be able to ask him to tell them the weather, play music, share facts, and so on. This will no doubt set up some entertaining scenarios due to Jackson’s charisma.

According to a press release by Amazon, many of the celebrity’s answers are self-involved. For example, if you ask him how the weather is, he would say “cloudy with a chance of me”. Another situation of this would be if you tell him you love him. He would reply “Thank you, I love me too” in true Samuel L. Jackson fashion.

Additionally, the Hollywood veteran has recorded a range of facts about himself. Therefore, users will be able to ask him about his popular movies and learn more about his story.

“English, ************, Do You Speak It?

Due to the obscene nature of some of Jackson’s characters, there is some adult language as part of the package. However, users do have the option to toggle between clean and explicit settings in Alexa App.

Samuel L. Jackson Alexa
Samuel L. Jackson has some of the most memorable movie quotes in history. Photo: Amazon

To get acquainted with the actor, owners of an Alexa can ask it to introduce them to him. Alternatively, they can visit Amazon’s website and get the ball rolling.

Vocal range

This move follows previous partnership initiatives by Amazon. Users can customize their Alexas to represent various loved celebrities. Rapper Snoop Dogg’s laid back vibe can be programmed into the service.

Furthermore, Chef Gordon Ramsay can also be featured as the voice of an Alexa. This gives an opposite feel to that of Snoop due to Ramsay’s authoritative nature.

amazon alexa echo
Those with Alexa-enabled products such as the Echo Dot will be able to hear the new sounds. Photo: Stock Catalog via Flickr

Recently, Amazon also launched other new capabilities for Alexa. It has given the voice of the standard model the ability to show new emotions. Now, she will be able to express excitement and disappointment. Additionally, each emotion is available with three settings of intensity. Users can switch these levels between low, medium and high.

Furthermore, she now has new vocal ranges. This will allow her to communicate with different tonal variations, suited to different topics. Matched with the launch of the Samuel L. Jackson voice package, Amazon is showing its intent to vary its content within its Alexa products this holiday season.

What’s the cost?

The Samuel L. Jackson voice package is currently available for an introductory price of $0.99. Thereafter, a one-time purchase price will be $4.99. Expect hints of throwbacks to some of his famous characters in movies such as Pulp Fiction, Snakes on a Plane, and Django Unchained.

Are you looking to invite Mr. Jackson into your home this Christmas? Let us know your thoughts in this move by Amazon in the comment section.

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