Samsung wants to refresh and sanitize your clothes with new home laundry appliance

Samsung has announced a new home laundry system that is intended to revolutionize the way that we wash clothes. The system called AirDresser is available in retail outlets from today, and uses powerful jets of air in order to deal with the daily laundry.
samsung airdresser
The Samsung AirDresser promises to revolutionize the way that we wash our clothes. Photo: Samsung

Consumer convenience

According to the Korean electronics giant, users taking advantage of the AirDresser’s qualities only have to hang clothes inside the unit and set it to cycle, and the AirDresser will completely clean and dry the laundry.

“The Jet Air and Air Hangers release powerful air to loosen and remove ingrained dust, with only minimal noise and vibration, quiet enough for anywhere inside the home, including the bedroom,” Samsung claims. And a deodorizing filter included within the machine helps to break down the particles that cause odors, and help clothes to feel extra fresh.

Samsung notes that cleaning the AirDresser is also relatively straightforward, as the machine only needs to be cleaned every 40 cycles, with users being notified by the AirDresser itself when this is required. To make this task easier, the AirDresser comes complete with Self Clean technology that dehumidifies, sanitizes, and deodorizes the interior of the AirDresser, negating the need for detergents.

Samsung AirDresser
The AirDresser has a sleak design, intended to fit into any room. Photo: Samsung.

Smart device

While the AirDresser doesn’t offer any new smart device functionality as such, it does very much fit into the growing consumer demand for household appliances that deliver a little more performance than is customary. Samsung describes the AirDresser as a “dynamic” device, and it is one that is intended to deliver something extra to products already on the market.

And as a Samsung SmartThing item, the AirDresser does deliver full AI support. Its Home Care Wizard offers a troubleshooting service, while My Closet makes cycle suggestions for laundry loads.

Aside from its ability to do the everyday laundry, Samsung asserts that the AirDresser has the ability to deliver niche cleaning as well. The manufacturer believes that the AirDresser could even be used in place of the specialist services used to treat fur products, while it can definitely be utilized in order to sterilize soft toys and other usually sensitive items.

Samsung AirDresser
The AirDresser also features AI functionality, intended to assist users with their daily laundry. Photo: Samsung.

Another interesting aspect of the AirDresser is that it helps relieve allergies, by removing pathogens and other unwanted items that can be hellish for allergy sufferers. As an acknowledgement of this quality, the new Samsung release has been endorsed by British medical charity Allergy UK.

Elevating modern life

In a statement on its new device, Samsung suggested that it is “elevating modern life” by providing consumers with more spare time and freedom. The performance of the AirDresser is reputed to be far superior to regular washing machines, and Samsung expects the machine to be a huge success.

Samsung has announced that a global release of the AirDresser is imminent, but the device has already gone on sale in a handful of territories. Samsung has enjoyed huge success in multiple fields in recent years, and its share price is already up well over 10% in 2020.

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