Samsung’s Space Selfie satellite makes a suprising crash landing for Michigan farmer

Earlier this week, Samsung launched a device into space as part of its ‘Space Selfie’ promotion. However, the device didn’t last long as a woman shared that it crash-land onto her Michigan farm on Saturday.

Samsung Space Selfie
Samsung’s Space Selfie was promoted by Cara Delevingne. Photo: Samsung

Early morning visit

NBC News reports that the property owner, Nancy Mumby-Welke heard a loud crash during the morning, while with her husband. Subsequently, the investigated the land at her settlement in Gratiot County. ​ ​

“We realized it had fallen from the sky. It looked like a satellite,” she said, as reported by NBC News.​
The contraption turned out to be Samsung’s Space Selfie device, which the tech firm launched to create images that use a unique view of earth as the backdrop. Samsung unveiled the device with a campaign supported by model Cara Delevingne. The launch was conducted at Samsung’s newly-opened KX experience space and the brand stated that it would curate a series of selfies that would be lifted into the stratosphere. ​
Space Selfie Launch
The Space Selfie launch party featured many public figures and celebrities. Photo:Samsung

High hopes

In a press release, the company said that Space Selfie is part of a ”mission to give everyone the chance to get their face in space.” Ultimately, as part of the campaign, Samsung users can send their selfies to the company, who will select random submissions to be sent to the device. Thereafter, the photos would be sent back down to earth for its owner to share on their social media platforms.​
However, soon after liftoff, the device was already back on the earth’s ground following the landing. Despite Mumby-Welke’s surprise, Samsung claims that the landing was planned. The South Korean multinational business said that harsh weather resulted in an early exit and chose this spot for its safe setting.​
Samsung S10 Plus
The first photo sent to space in Samsung’s campaign was taken on an S10 Plus. Photo TGspot – (Galaxy S10 Review) via Wikimedia Commons

Back to earth

“Earlier today, Samsung Europe’s SpaceSelfie balloon came back down to earth,” the statement read, as reported by Business Insider.​
“During this planned descent of the balloon to land in the US, weather conditions resulted in an early soft landing in a selected rural area. No injuries occurred and the balloon was subsequently retrieved. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.”​
It has been a tough few weeks for Samsung. Recently, there was a major issue with the firm’s flagship S10 smartphone. Ultimately, a fault meant that the phone could be unlocked with any fingerprint, regardless of its owner. This problem may be the nail in the coffin for many of its users, as Samsung’s competition has moved away from this unlocking process. Both Google and Apple now prioritize facial recognition technology over fingerprint scanning. ​
What do you think of Samsung’s early landing in Michigan? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.
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