2020 is here and so is the Samsung S20

After 10 comes 11 – unless you are Samsung! Rumours abound that the new Samsung will be called the S20, and that isn’t all that has been leaked…
Samsung Canada
The next Samsung Galaxy handset is anticipated for release in February 2020. Image: Samsung

Samsung’s 2020 handset

The successor to the S10 is anticipated for release in February 2020. This is based on Samsung continuing to follow their annual release cycle.

There have been leaks about the camera function, design and size – but now also about the new handsets name.

On 24th December Ice Universe tweetedGalaxy S20‘. They then added a comment later in the day saying ‘Next year is 2020, and 20 is a new beginning‘.

Ice Universe is a frequent source of leaked information about new releases and is rumoured to be an industry insider.

So, if that is anything to go by it looks like the S11 won’t be an S11 at all, it will be an S20. This makes sense from a marketing perspective, and aligns with the new decade.

2020: S20

Why would Samsung skip S11? Well, there could be several reasons.

The iPhone 11 was released in 2019, so by calling their next handset the S20 this puts Samsung ahead of Apple in their model numbers. Probably more symbolic than meaningful!

In terms of advertising, it may be that there is a marketing campaign being created around the new decade and new technology. There is scepticism about whether this leak is accurate. Perhaps the model will be called the S11 after all, and the use of 2020 is inaccurate.

Huawei also skipped over a few numbers when they released their P20 in 2018. The previous handset was the P10, so maybe there is something about the number 11 that we don’t know about…?

Samsung Galaxy S11e render
S11 and S11e designs have been leaked by OnLeaks and Pricebaba. Image: OnLeaks/Pricebaba

The new Galaxy

Whatever it ends up being called, I am excited to check out the new Samsung Galaxy. We have reported on several leaks so far, and the renderings look amazing!

The camera in the (let’s call it for now) the S11 is a big upgrade on the S10. Given the performance of the camera functions in the latest Apple and Huawei handsets, Samsung needed to come up with something special to stay ahead of the game.

Reports say that the S11 will have an incredible 108-megapixel camera. In comparison, the iPhone 11 front-facing camera is 12-megapixels, and the Galaxy S10 range went up to 16.

Another feature competing with Apple is Night Mode. The iPhone 11 has a great Night Mode that allows for high colour images to be shot in low light conditions. The S11 is looking to compete with both an enhanced Night Mode function and Night Hyperlapse.

We don’t yet know exactly what Night Hyperlapse will do, but it sounds like a specific upgrade to the existing hyperlapse settings created specifically for night time use.

It also happens to look pretty special, with leaked designs showing both the S11 and S11e crafted in the kind of elegant design we expect to see from the latest smartphone handsets.

What’s next? We will keep you updated with the latest news and leaks as we get them!

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