Samsung S11 revealed with advanced camera and repositioned selfie camera

A fresh leak has brought us some more details about the Samsung Galaxy S11, which is likely due to be revealed in February. Among the new confirmed features are a 108-megapixel main camera and 25-Watt charging.
A render of the Galaxy S11
91mobiles and @OnLeaks have created renders of the Galaxy S11 based upon what we know so far. Photo: 91mobiles/@OnLeaks

There have actually been a handful of separate leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S11 recently. Even though the phone is still a couple of months away from being revealed, we can now be pretty sure of quite a few of the specs of Samsung’s upcoming flagship.

Earlier this month, tech blogger and famous smartphone leaker, Evan Blass, revealed the screen sizes for each of the three S11 models. The S11 will come equipped with either a 6.2-inch or 6.4-inch display, while the S11e and S11+ will get 6.7-inch and 6.9-inch displays respectively. All S11 models will also get curved-edge displays.

Additionally, Evan Blass confirmed that only the S11 and S11e will come in LTE and 5G variants. The S11+ will be only be available in 5G.

The latest leak

Today, MatrixLife’s Nick Oikonomou revealed some more information about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11, apparently sourced from Samsung itself.

The three main hardware features revealed by MatrixLife today were the Samsung Galaxy S11’s CPU, camera setup and charger rating.

The S11 will get an octa core Exynos 990 CPU and 25-Watt charging. This charger rating has raised some questions about why the Galaxy S11 won’t feature the same 45-Watt charging found on the Note 10 Plus. Abundary has reached out to Samsung for comment on this decision and we’ll update the article if we receive any information.

Finally, on to the camera setup, which is usually one of the most exciting parts of any new phone reveal.

A Galaxy S11 render
The Samsung Galaxy S11 range will include three different models. Photo: 91mobiles/@OnLeaks

The latest leak suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S11 will have four rear cameras. The main camera will feature a 108-megapixel sensor, most likely the ISOCELL Bright HMX, which Samsung developed in partnership with Xiaomi.

The Galaxy S11 will also get a 48-megapixel telephoto sensor which is equipped with 10x lossless and 100x hybrid zoom.

Oikonomou also confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S11 will have a ‘hole-punched’ selfie camera, which will give users an additional few active pixels at the top of their screens.

Clues found in the Galaxy Note 9 Android 10 beta

A couple of days ago, sleuthing by Ice Universe, a Korean tech blogger, revealed some more interesting information about the Samsung Galaxy S11’s screen setup.

Ice Universe found a menu option in the Android 10 beta for the Galaxy Note 9 which allows you to switch from a 60 Hz screen refresh rate to 120 Hz.

A render of the Galaxy S11
A 120 Hz screen refresh rate would put the Galaxy S11 at the top of the pack in terms of screen smoothness. Photo: 91mobiles/@OnLeaks

The odd thing is that the Galaxy Note 9’s screen isn’t capable of supporting a 120 Hz screen refresh rate.

This suggests that this menu option is actually intended for the Galaxy S11 series, which means it is safe to assume that at least one of the three models will get this feature.

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