Samsung S11 camera looks to be a big improvement

The Samsung Galaxy S11 is set to have incredible camera capabilities. The last Galaxy offering included some great features but the South Korean firm’s upcoming release is set to top that.
samsung galaxy s10
The rumours of the S11’s camera build on the already very good S10 offering. Photo: Samsung

New features

The S11 is not expected until at the earliest February 2020 but this hasn’t stopped reports and rumors floating around. One of the key aspects that Galaxy users have been keeping an eye out for is the camera. The series usually comes out with some high-quality cameras and it is no surprise that fans are keen to see what’s next.

According to XDA Developers, the future outing will be pushing the boat when it comes to its photographic abilities. The reports say that it will consist of [email protected], and an outstanding 108-megapixel camera. For comparison, the S10 range’s cameras only went up to 16-megapixels.

More night modes

However, the capabilities don’t stop there, the S11 reportedly includes a host of video and photo features. The first of these is Night Hyperlapse. It’s not confirmed what this will ultimately offer but it’s been interpreted that it will be like the existing hyperlapse mode but for nighttime use. We’ve seen phones such as the Pixel 4 handle night shots well and can only assume the S11 will follow suit.

samsung s10 camera
Night mode on the S11 is apparently a big focus and will include a hyperlapse specifically for dark situations. Photo: Samsung

Director’s cut

The next of these is the Director’s View mode. This would let users lock onto an item or person in view and select what’s the prominent subject. Furthermore, the feature would let users switch between camera lenses by tapping the thumbnails on the left.

This could mean that Samsung will allow owners to record from various lenses in one shot. This sounds similar to what the iPhone 11 does with Filmic Pro.

Automated additions

In addition to these features is the Single Take Photo. This would allow users to start shooting to capture the scene with continuous short videos and photos. Moreover, when users pan their phones around slowly for 15 seconds, a series of pictures and videos will be taken automatically. After completing the process, users can admire their collection.

Samsung S10 Plus
The S11 could overpower the previous Galaxy cameras’ abilities. Photo: TGspot via Wikimedia Commons

Filter autonomy?

Samsung is also seemingly further stepping up its game with Custom Filters. This could mean an extension to the functions in the beauty mode settings. Perhaps more options to tailor filters, such as adjustments to contrast and saturation. This would help photographers to stand out rather than be succumb to the same filters as everyone else.

Panoramic freedom

Lastly, there are reports that vertical panoramas will be introduced. This is a simple concept, which is already possible if Samsung owners ignore the prompts and warnings when trying to take a standard panorama. However, it seems that Samsung is officially launching the feature, supporting users who want to create content in this way.

Welcome changes

Altogether, there is a host of new capabilities being reported when it comes to the S11 camera. If even half of these features make it to the final cut, Samsung already has a strong contender against the iPhone 11.

Which camera feature are you looking forward to the most? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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