Samsung’s new ‘Infinity’ QLED 8K TV is 99 percent screen

In a world in which bezels are getting ever smaller, the new ‘Infinity’ QLED 8K TV from Samsung certainly follows this trend. This top of the range of TV set from the Korean manufacturer features a huge display, which is 99% screen space.
Samsung 8K TV
The new Samsung 8K TV range offers a set that is completely dominated by screen real estate. Photo: Samsung.

CES unveiling

Samsung unveiled the next generation QLED 8K line at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, providing attendees with an indication of the future direction of the niche. Samsung has long since been the most successful television developer in the world, and has become hugely influential in the medium.

The new QLED 8K TV is intended to combine state of the art design with an array of connected features, in order to create a platform that fits in with the busy lifestyles of many people today. Samsung describes the Infinity range as “the ultimate home entertainment experience.”

As is increasingly common in consumer electronics, the Infinity television taps into artificial intelligence in order to improve the audio, video, and smart capabilities of the device. Samsung has also included a range of smart features in the set, making it easier and more effective for consumers to utilize voice commands. New features such as Tap View, Digital Butler and Samsung Health showcase this.

Samsung 8K TV
The slim and sleek Samsung TV set also offers an attractive aesthetic. Photo: Samsung.

Huge display

But perhaps the standout feature, and certainly one that is immediately noticeable, is the huge display that dominates the front of the device. The Q950 Infinity set almost completely eliminates the bezels contained around the display of the set, creating a screen-to-body ratio which Samsung states to be approximately 99%. This would outdo all other products in the television market.

Samsung claims that when its viewers peer at this particular television set that they even experience an artificial illusion, whereby the bezels seem to disappear! Regardless of the accuracy of this claim, this new television is intended to deliver an even more immersive viewing experience that has been possible previously.

The Q950TS QLED 8K TV will be the flagship of the next Samsung television generation, and is also pioneering in its inclusion of surround sound audio, true-to-life 8K resolution, and ultra-thin form factor.

Samsung 8K TV
Despite the exciting design, Samsung faces a battle to convince consumers that there is enough 8K content available. Photo: Samsung.

Samsung is heavily pushing the 8K capabilities of these new television sets, noting that the still relatively new technology has the potential to transform the way that people watch TV. Joe Stinziano, Head of Consumer Electronics Business at Samsung Electronics America, noted that screen sizes over 75 inches are the fastest growing segment in the TV market, and this is where 8Kresolution makes the most sense.

8K doubts

Nonetheless, no matter how attractive and sleek the Infinity range may be, Samsung will have to ensure consumers that there is a significant amount of content available before they will be willing to part with the thousands of dollars required to purchase some of the top of the range devices. And 8K content has certainly been slim pickings thus far, pretty much negating the need for an 8K resolution television set in the first place!

Samsung is currently working with YouTube in order to establish pathways for streaming 8K content, but the Korean electronics giant has some way to go if it is to convince consumers that 8K is a viable platform, no matter how good its new TV set may be.

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