Samsung’s new foldable phone may have the dreaded crease which plagued the Fold

New images of Samsung’s vertically-folding Galaxy Z Flip have emerged, and it looks like the phone will have a slightly different ‘crease’ to its predecessor.

Z Flip
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will likely be announced some time in the next few months. Photo: 王奔宏 via Weibo

It’s now almost a year since the Samsung Galaxy Fold was unveiled. The device was the first to feature a foldable screen, and although it didn’t go quite as planned, a number of other manufacturers have followed Samsung into the ‘foldable’ phone market since.

We’ve previously reported on rumours that Samsung’s next foldable phone would take a slightly different approach to the foldable phone concept.

Back in December, leaked photos of a prototype foldable phone turned quite a few heads. It wasn’t confirmed that the device was a Samsung back then, but it looks pretty likely now.

Going back to the ‘clamshell’

The reason the leaked prototype turned heads was it’s vertically-folding design. Unlike the original Samsung Galaxy Fold, what we now know as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip actually folds upwards like the flip phones of old.

This makes for a much smaller body, both folded and unfolded, and certainly adds another layer of novelty to the ‘foldable’ phone design.

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung’s original Galaxy Fold had some teething problems. Photo: Marco Verch

More leaked specifications

Yesterday, tech news leaker Max Weinbach revealed some new key details about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which could be seen as good or bad news, depending on your stance.

Most of the details revealed by Weinbach are pretty standard features, and don’t come as much of a surprise.

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will get dual 12-megapixel cameras, certainly nothing out of the ordinary in today’s smartphone market.

A more interesting development is the addition of a fingerprint scanner on the side of the phone, as well as wireless and reverse wireless charging.

But one feature stands out as a pretty big development which will change the way the phone’s screen behaves in comparison to last year’s original Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Galaxy Z Flip
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip harks back to the age of clamshell flip phones. Photo: 王奔宏 via Weibo

A glass screen on a foldable phone?

It looks like the rumours that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will have a glass foldable screen are true.

Specifically, the phone will make use of what is referred to as ‘Samsung Ultra Thin Glass’, where other foldable screen phones use various types of plastic.

Up until now it has seemed difficult to imagine a foldable phone screen made of glass. But, as reported by The Verge yesterday, Samsung even recently filed to trademark the term ‘Ultra Thin Glass’. Whether or not the material is actually glass and not just a more durable type of plastic is unclear.

According to various reports, it looks like there is another key feature which will allow the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip to make use of glass on its foldable screen. Apparently, the screen will have a built-in crease which allows the two halves to fold.

Rather than having a crease which builds up over time, Samsung may have found that a built-in crease provides more durability over time. While it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing solution, it should at least make the screen more durable in the long run.

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