Samsung Galaxy Fold taken apart to see how they fixed their mistakes

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has suffered from a a few technical difficulties since it was announced earlier this year. And now iFixit has literally torn the handset apart in order to demonstrate how the Korean tech giant fixed its mistakes.
The Galaxy fold is the most expensive smartphone ever released. Photo: via Samsung.

New layer

Among the important alterations that Samsung has made is a new layer of metal that reinforces the display of the device. The manufacturer has also included some plastic, gaskets, and tape, in order to protect the hinges of the smartphone, and ensure that errant material cannot enter the device.

The fragile display of the Samsung Galaxy Fold had proved highly problematical in the immediate aftermath of its September 6 release. Coupled with the exposed hinge, this has caused Samsung to delay the initial launch of the device, recall all units in April, and for numerous consumers purchasing the handset recently to also experience difficulties.

iFixit also noted that the efforts made to improve the display have resulted in a “surprisingly rigid” design, and that this applies even when the screen is separated from the chassis of the smartphone. While it is still possible for debris to penetrate the hinge of the device, this latest iteration of the Galaxy Fold is far less likely to suffer from screen damage.

Protective casing

Samsung has also addressed problems with the protective layer that is located on top of the display. This had caused confusion among some users of the device, with several consumers believing the layer to be the standard screen protector, and thus erroneously removing it. Unfortunately, this then caused permanent damage to the display of the device, so Samsung has extended the layer to the edge of the Galaxy Fold display in an attempt to rectify this issue.

The Galaxy Fold has experienced technical difficulties. Photo: via Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has endured something of a checkered existence since it was first revealed in a teaser video in November 2018. The Korean manufacturer had long since mooted the release of a foldable device, having unveiled a prototype device way back in 2008.

But review units of the Galaxy Fold have been less than enthusiastically received, with the aforementioned screen damage and hinge issues being particularly highlighted. Samsung was also forced to cancel orders of the Galaxy Fold, pushing the release date of the phone back by several months, as problems with the handset became evident.

The unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Fold on February 22, 2019. Photo: via Samsung.

Most expensive smartphone

The technical difficulties that Samsung has experienced with the Galaxy Fold are particularly damning, considering that the device is the most expensive mainstream smartphone ever released. The device is intended to be a boost in its ongoing rivalry with Apple, with the iPhone manufacturer yet to release a foldable phone, despite rumors that such a device is being developed by the Californian corporation.

Later this month, Samsung will celebrate ten years of its Galaxy range of devices, and is running a special promotion in order to mark this, whereby consumers will receive a complimentary pair of Silver Galaxy Buds alongside Samsung Galaxy purchases.

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