Samsung’s CES projects include Sunnyside, an artificial sunlight window perfect for our tiny apartment living

We are nearly a week away from the highly-anticipated CES 2020. Ahead of the Las Vegas-based electronics show, Samsung has announced what exciting projects it will be showcasing.
SunnySide is one of the projects that Samsung will introduce. It is a window-shaped lighting device that produces artificial sunlight. Photo: Samsung

According to a press release, the South Korean outfit will be showing off nine projects from its C-Lab. These programs are split between five lifestyle-focused C-Lab Inside projects and four startup-driven C-Lab Outside innovations.

Firstly, let’s take a look at what has been cooking from the Inside department – Samsung’s in-house idea incubation program.


Anyone that suffers from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or a lack of vitamin D during the winter months will be interested to hear of this innovation.

SunnySide enables users to receive artificial sunlight that changes by the hour by copying the full spectrum of actual sunlight.

Additionally, it helps users synthesize vitamin D from inside their house or office without having to worry about getting sunburnt or damaging their skin. Also, as a bonus, it can hang seamlessly on the wall like a photo frame.

Ultra V

This is a project that can be combined with SunnySide to help manage vitamin D levels. Ultra V is a sensor that records ultraviolet rays daily.

Ultimately, users can then monitor their skin condition and Vitamin D production easily as the device can be integrated into wearable tech.


The next introduction is the SelfieType, which is a virtual keyboard that uses the front-facing selfie camera.

It also uses artificial intelligence to analyze finger movements from the camera and converts them into keyboard inputs. No further hardware is needed to use the product. It can also be used over several types of devices.


Hyler is a smart highlighter that can digitalize analog texts from paper onto mobile devices. Altogether, people will be able to collect information via here and manage it with its app.


Becon has been invented to help prevent hair loss by analyzing its user’s scalp. Ultimately, it’s a hand-held device that’s supported by an app that analyzes in real-time ten conditions of the scalp.

This includes hair follicle density, dead skin, sensitivity, temperature, and humidity. Furthermore, users will be recommended the most suitable solution and they can track their improvement.

There could be a breakthrough in managing  hair loss with initiatives such as Becon. Photo: Samsung

Along with the C-Lab Inside projects, Samsung will also be sharing creations from its more startup-focused Outside branch.


This PHR (Personal Health Record) healthcare data platform provides three types of exercise tests. Cardiorespiratory, posture and muscle strength can all be tested from this product.

After the testing, users will receive a personalized exercise program catered to their health status. Possible diseases can also be predicted, which the program will recommend ways to prevent the risk of obtaining.


Circulus will introduce piBo, which is a humanoid robot designed for single-person households.

Not only will it provide useful conversations about the news, weather and online information, but it will also interact with users based on their expressions and emotions. In addition, the responses of piBo will be adapted based on the interactions with its housemate.

This robot named piBo could be part of the next stage of evolution of home companions like Alexa. Photo: Samsung


Users will be able to control their devices without actually touching them with Vtouch. Their eyes and fingertips will be tracked with its computer vision and deep-learning technologies.

Subsequently, the innovation can be applied to different markets such as homes, signs, and cars. Ultimately, Vtouch hopes to reduce the risk of bacteria from hand contact.


Finally, Smoothy will offer the ability to video chat with up to eight people at the same time. Furthermore, AR abilities can be implemented for an enhanced experience. Moreover, emojis can be inserted, which mirror the expressions and emotions of those participating in the call.

Group chats may get a whole load more entertainment with the introduction of Smoothy. Photo: Samsung

Strong offering

Altogether, Samsung has a bolstered lineup on offer at CES 2020. The event will last from  January 7-11 and we will make sure to cover any exciting announcements from it.

Inkuk Hahn, Vice President and Head of the Creativity & Innovation Center at Samsung Electronics summarizes that these inventions will help meet consumer needs.

“We will actively support C-Lab to create products that reflect the latest market trends and customer demands and will showcase outstanding projects and startups of C-Lab in various global exhibitions,” said Hahn, as per the release.

Which Samsung C-Lab project are you looking forward to trying out the most? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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