Samsung Bloom is the newest foldable phone to be announced next month

Korean media has reported that the ‘Samsung Bloom’ will be the name of the latest foldable smartphone from the leading electronics firm. Reports of the foldable smartphone have been proliferating in recent weeks, and Samsung is ready to announce the device next month.
Samsung Bloom
Korean media has provided some early images and information of the ‘Samsung Bloom’. Photo: AJUNews.

Secret meetings

The news of the ‘Samsung Bloom’ comes amid reports that the Korean corporation held a series of secret meetings with telecom partners at the CES 2020 show in Las Vegas. This clandestine gathering saw Samsung showcasing the new smartphone to interested parties, and Samsung Mobile boss DJ Koh also spilled the beans on the branding of the device.

Samsung will release a new foldable smartphone next month, with Korean media reporting that it could be branded as Samsung Bloom. Photo: Samsung.

Samsung’s decision to rebrand the Galaxy Fold range will certainly set tongues wagging, not least because the series has become hugely popular in recent years. But it seems that Samsung is set for a bold branding approach in 2020, according to the latest report from its native Korea.

Indeed, Samsung also intends to make a rebranding decision with the Galaxy S range, choosing not to follow up the Galaxy S11 with the logical Galaxy S12, but instead acknowledging the landmark of 2020 by naming its flagship smartphones as Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Marketing strategy

Alongside the more familiar Samsung product will be a clamshell foldable smartphone, which will retail as the ‘Galaxy Bloom’, as opposed to its previous Galaxy Fold moniker. No one is quite sure of the reasoning for this change in name, but it does seem to be part of an overall marketing strategy for 2020.

Samsung Bloom
Samsung has invested heavily in foldable technology, with development having spanned over a decade. Photo: Samsung.

Comments in the Korean immediate suggested that the foldable will be particularly aimed at women in their 20s, and that the ‘Galaxy Bloom’ has been inspired by Lancome’s makeup compacts. The new foldable will feature both 4G and 5G variants, while both the Galaxy S20 and ‘Galaxy Bloom’ smartphones are expected to support 8K video recording.

The other possibility with this forthcoming foldable is that ‘Bloom’ is simply a codename. This is a common practice in the smartphone industry, partly intended to keep branding under wraps. So we could yet see the device released under a completely different name.

Some seasoned leak-smiths suggest the new handheld to be named completely different. @Iceuniverse posted an update saying the new device could be called ‘Samsung Z insert here‘. We’re not too sure about ‘Z’ being used anywhere…

8K content

A lack of 8K content could be an issue for these two Samsung mobiles, but YouTube is expected to enable 8K video streaming around the time of the launch of the products on February 11. There is no doubt that 8K footage is extremely rare currently, but Samsung will hope that the tide begins to turn over the next 18 months or so.

Samsung Bloom
Samsung has gone to great lengths to showcase its new foldable devices in recent years, pictured here is its SDC 2018 event. Photo: Samsung.

Naturally enough, Samsung hasn’t released any solid information on the Samsung Bloom. The naming of the device can be considered very much a rumor, but it is a rumor that has been widely reported by western media, being based on what is considered a reliable source.

Samsung has quietly held meetings with partners at previous CES shows, and the details revealed in the report corroborates previously presumed information. It does seem highly likely that when the clamshell Samsung Mobile appears, at what is expected to be a special event next month, it will indeed be branded as the ‘Samsung Bloom’.

Update 12/01/20: We added in a paragraph about speculation on what Samsung’s device could be called based on leak-smith’s on Twitter.

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