Samsung’s secret AI project ‘Neon’ looks to be an extension to Apple’s Memoji

Samsung has further teased the Neon AI system that has got tongues wagging recently, and it seems that the system is similar to Apple‘s Memoji. Neon was announced recently, but the Korean electronics giant didn’t give too much away about the system in its initial communiqué.
Samsung Neon Memoji
Apple’s Memoji has taken the already popular emojis to the next level. Photo: Apple.

CES 2020 unveiling

While Neon will be unveiled during CES 2020 next week, no one is quite sure what to expect from this new AI system. What we do know is that Neon has been in development for several years, with Samsung Technology & Advanced Research Labs overseeing the process.

The big difference between Neon and Bixby, according to reports, is that the new Samsung AI system is more visual. Bixby is focused on speech and communication, but it seems that Neon can be more readily compared to Apple’s Memoji. Memoji’s enable users of Apple products to create emojis based on their own facial features.

Whether there will any additional functionality included in Neon remains to be seen, but certainly statements from the company suggest that it will be a step forward in this niche. As Samsung had stated that Neon can “become your best friend”, it seems likely that it will be possible for users to actually communicate with their own generated virtual character.

Samsung Neon Memoji
Samsung has promised that Neon will deliver a revolutionary form of AI content. Photo: Samsung.

Neon AI

And the utilization of AI will mean that Neon goes way beyond that, making it possible for your character to display learning abilities, so that it can increasingly assess your needs and interests, and anticipate them.

So it’s possible to see from this why Samsung has made the assertion that the Neon system can effectively become friends with a user. This element of Neon has been reported by American journalist Aaron Mamiit for Digital Trends, with Samsung set to promote the ‘artificial intelligence being’ angle of the Neon project.

In support of the Neon release, Samsung Research America has recently filed four related trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The applications concern the copyrighted names NEON, NEON Artificial Human, NEON.Life and Core R3, which provides further insight into what Samsung envisages for the project.

The patent points to entertainment services, computer-generated graphics for the production of motion pictures, and the design and development of computer-modelled versions of human beings using computer animation for use in movies, television, internet and other applications. So it seems that Neon may eventually have a broad application across multiple fields of entertainment.

Samsung Neon Memoji
However, Samsung’s Bixby has proven to be less popular than other AI assistants. Photo: Kārlis Dambrāns via Flickr.

New domain

SlashGear noted recently that is a new domain name, on which the Artificial Intelligence project will be announced during CES 2020. Samsung might not even give a full impression of Neon at the trade show, but we are certain to learn a little more about the nature of the project.

Samsung has achieved huge success in the mobile sphere in recent years, but its Bixby personal assistant has failed to capture the imagination of the general public. While Samsung insists that Neon isn’t a replacement for Bixby, it will be hoping that it turns out to be more successful than its previous AI assistant.

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