Resso is Tik-Tok’s take on music streaming

The company behind global sensation, TikTok, has released its own music streaming app. But it’s still early days for Resso, which remains in beta testing and is currently only available in two countries.
TikTok user interface
The creators of TikTok are now trying their hand at music streaming. Photo: Aaron Yoo via Flickr

TikTok has taken the world by storm since its global launch just two years ago. The app now has 1.5 billion installs, putting it right up there with the very biggest social media platforms.

Now ByteDance, the startup which created TikTok, has come up with its own music streaming app. TikTok was such a huge success that it propelled ByteDance to the top of the global rankings for most valuable startups, currently sitting at an astonishing $75 billion.

Resso was quietly launched six months ago and it’s available on the App Store and Google Play. ByteDance is still testing the app, meaning it has only unofficially released in India and Indonesia.

According to reports by Bloomberg, Resso has been installed by around 27,000 users so far. But data suggests that the ByteDance only started promoting the app at the end of November.

What is Resso?

Music streaming services are ten a penny. But it looks like ByteDance is confident in its ability to create another viral hit which it hopes will one day compete with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music.

Compared to the more conventional music streaming services, reports suggest that Resso will put a creative, social spin on the format.

Woman listening to music
Resso promises a new take on music streaming. Photo: Gavin Whitner via

After selecting their favorite artists, users will be able to listen to recommended tracks and add their own images, videos or GIFs.

These individual visual creations which go alongside songs are called ‘Vibes’, and are visible to other users listening to the same song. Additionally, users can also add song lyrics, as well as leaving comments.

How will ByteDance make Resso a financial success?

Currently Resso has not signed music licensing deals with any of the three major global music companies – Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment.

It has, however, secured deals with two of India’s largest music companies – T-Series and Times Music.

Presumably, as the app is still being tested and is currently only available in India and Indonesia, these deals are enough for now.

But if ByteDance wants Resso to become a hit which mimics the success of TikTok even slightly, it will need to have big music companies on its side.

It seems Resso will be free to download and use, like TikTok. There will also be a premium subscription, which Bloomberg says is available to users in India for 119 rupees per month, the equivalent of $1.70.

TikTok User Interface
TikTok has made ByteDance the most valuable startup in the world. Photo: Aaron Yoo via Flickr

With a premium subscription, users will be able to use the app ad-free, as well as download the music they listen to. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but Resso could become another global sensation if ByteDance gets everything right.

In a statement, a Resso spokesperson said:

“We are optimistic about its long-term prospects but we are still very early in the process and only in a limited number of developing markets.”

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