Reddit now integrates directly with your Snapchat

Reddit has announced a new Share Sheet integration, available so far only through its iOS app, enabling Redditors to share and repost directly to Snapchat.
Reddit snapchat integration
Reddit announces a new partnership with Snapchat. Photo: Reddit Newsroom

Is this newest social media partnership likely to be upvoted though? Let’s take a look at the stats.

Reddit vs Snapchat

The big variance here, and perhaps the glaring demographic gap which Reddit is trying to change, is that of the typical age Reddit user. Reported on Influencer Marketing Hub, as at the end of 2018 Snapchat had 186m active users per day. Of those users, however, 59% are aged 30+ according to Pew Research Centre. Interestingly, Tech Junkie reported that, of those Reddit users, 51% are female.

Snapchat, on the other hand, is actively used by 78% of Americans aged 18-24. It makes sense for Reddit to look at viable partnerships to expand their audience engagement, but is Reddit content really going to be relevant to Snapchat users?

reddit snapchat intergration
New Snapchat Integration Enables Direct Sharing of Reddit Content Photo: Reddit Announcements Blog

How the Reddit – Snapchat partnership works

The functionality of the app integration has been cleverly designed to allow seamless ‘one touch’ sharing, with additional ‘share to Snapchat’ buttons, and options to share Reddit posts to direct messages.

The concept is to reach those younger potential users, by integrating with an app which squarely hits that demographic, and as explained on MacRumors, this is the key focus behind the integration.

It isn’t all about customer experience; Tech Crunch discusses the advertising potential of Reddit, and with those income streams approaching $100m how vital a wider user range may be to the future success of the platform.

With Snapchats emphasis on personal engagement, as well as a newly renovated Android app (see below press release from the Snapchat Newsroom how significant an impact can the integration have on Reddits reach, given that it currently only works through iOS?

Social media mergers

Of course, the Reddit – Snapchat partnership is not the first, and surely not the last merger or collaboration between platforms. With Facebook now owning both Whats App and Instagram, and the might of Google to contend with, it seems that the larger platforms are cornering the market with accumulations of the most popular apps, and thus consolidating the audience, marketing potential, and monetisation of those platforms.

It stands to reason that smaller, and yet still hugely popular platforms in their own right, would see the success of other partnerships and look to strategise in an innovative way to gain traction through similar style collaborations.

The future of Reddit

It has been really interesting to see what Reddit would do to evolve, following raising $300m of which half was from Chinese enterprise Tencent. With that kind of capital injection, we’d certainly expect to see some dramatic maneuvers!

Whether or not the partnership with Snapchat will prove revolutionary for Reddit, and popularise the bulletin style app further, or fail to quite engage with the younger audience, remains to be seen. One thing is sure though; Reddit is not standing still in the battle for platform audiences, and there are sure to be many more announcements to come.

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