Playstation 5 devkit is leaked and it looks as monstrous as we’d expect

The PlayStation 5 devkit has been leaked online, as gaming fans eagerly await the release of the next generation Sony console. Previous comments from Sony suggest that the PlayStation 5 will be released in the holiday season next year.
PlayStation 5 devkit
The leaked PlayStation 5 devkit is attracting a lot of attention online. Photo: @Alcoholikaust via Twitter.

V-shaped leak

This latest Internet leak follows speculation online regarding what is a slightly oddly V-shaped PlayStation 5 prototype. This has been seen in both leaked documents and industrial designs, but now Twitter user @Alcoholikaust has posted an image showing two of the development kits side-by-side.

Tom Warren of The Verge later confirmed that these are legitimate PlayStation 5 devkits. And the odd design can be explained by the fact that developers often need to put multiple machines through different stress tests, with the V-shape helping with the optimization of cooling.

Of course, we can’t necessarily draw too many conclusions from the design of this devkit, as prototypes are often massively different from the final console. Sony will no doubt release further details and images as the release date approaches, but this glimpse of the PlayStation 5 is definitely enough to get tongues wagging.

Possible DualShock

Another aspect of the image which has caused speculation is what some observers claim could be the new DualShock controller. The device pictured does resemble a previous image in a leaked Sony patent, but actually this has been completely unconfirmed by Sony as of yet.

PS5 devkit
The PlayStation 4 has proved to be a hugely successful release for Sony. Photo: Solomon203 via Wikimedia.

A potential insider who claims to be working on a game for both Sony and Microsoft’s next-generation systems previously told Gizmodo that the prototype has already been released under the codename “Prospero”. However, developers have been working with PlayStation 5 devkits for at least 18 months.

We do actually know a little more about the specs and details than would usually be the case when it comes to the PlayStation 5. Sony has been more open than usual when revealing details about the PlayStation 5, perhaps buoyed by its massive lead over Microsoft in the PlayStation 4 / Xbox One generation. However, history tells us that this market lead can quickly turn around if gamers perceive the next generation Xbox to be a superior machine to the PlayStation 5.

PS5 specs

With this in mind, the PlayStation 5 will be based on a proprietary 8-core AMD chipset, with a purpose-built SSD storage system included. Full backwards compatibility with all PS4 games and PSVR hardware will be built-in, which will obviously be a massive plus point for existing PlayStation 4 owners.

PlayStation 5 devkit
Sony has already confirmed that the PS5 will hit stores ahead of Christmas 2020, and the console will likely compete with a new Microsoft Xbox release. Photo: Pixabay.

Game designer Mark Cerny also told Wired that “there is ray-tracing acceleration in the GPU hardware,” meaning that the PlayStation 5 will be a graphical powerhouse. The manufacturer has already confirmed support for 8K TV, although it will be interesting to see whether it is possible to deliver gaming in this currently rare resolution.

PS5 games will also come on 100GB optical disks, with the console featuring an optical drive that doubles as a 4K Blu-Ray player. Sony has also promised a completely redesigned user interface, and the PlayStation 5 sounds like a powerhouse console for gamers to look forward to ahead of its launch next year.

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