What to expect from the Google Pixel 4 announcement event [Update: It happened. Still a few surprises.]

The Google Pixel 4 will arrive at a launch event on October 15, as Google continues the development of its smartphone project. So what can we expect from this fourth generation of the Google handset?
Google has poured a lot of resources into its Pixel smartphone range. Photo: The Pancake of Heaven! via Wikimedia.

88 percent increase

While the Google Pixel 3 was the most successful smartphone that Google has released as of yet, leading to an 88 percent year-over-year sales increase according to Counterpoint, Google still has some way to go in order to be a major player in the smartphone marketplace, alongside the giants of Samsung and Apple. So the Google Pixel 4 will need to deliver something outstanding in order to reassert the gains made by the mega-corporation’s most recent release.

As is often the case with major technology products, and smartphones in particular, the latest Google Pixel 4 release has been prefaced by a major leak. Best Buy Canada prematurely posted pages online for both the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, revealing a great deal of key information about this smartphone competitor.

So we know, or suspect that we know, that the Pixel 4 will have a 5.7-inch display, with an approximate resolution of 2,220 x 1,080 pixels, or FHD+ as its shorthand name is used. The Pixel 4 XL, meanwhile, will benefit from a 6.3-inch QHD screen, meaning a slightly superior resolution. However, the PPI rating of both devices will be extremely similar.

The Pixel 3 was successful for Google. Photo: via Google.

Best Buy leak

The Best Buy listings also suggested that the Google Pixel 4 will feature a 2,800mAh battery, with the larger Google Pixel 4 XL receiving a 3,700mAh cell. Both handsets will also sport excellent dual-rear cameras, with a 12-megapixel capability included in the Pixel 4, with this resolution extended somewhat to 16-megapixels for the Pixel 4 XL. This should ensure decent photography, but still falls short of the triple-rear camera included in the iPhone 11.

Best Buy’s listings also included some information about which we can be extremely confident. The Pixel 4 generation will run off the Android 10 operating system, while Snapdragon 855 CPUs will drive both devices. And Best Buy also suggests that neither device will get a RAM boost, with both still armed with the 4GB that were onboard in the Pixel 3 generation, along with 64GB of in-built storage.

Another earlier report on the Google Pixel 4 suggested that the smartphone will come in an attractive rainbow of seven distinct colours. This unusual palette reputedly comprises Slightly Green, Maybe Pink, Sky Blue, and Really Yellow variants, alongside Clearly White and Just Black, and the Oh So Orange color that has already been confirmed by Google itself.

The popular game Pokémon Go on a Google Pixel device. Photo: Eduardo Woo via Flickr.

Soli radar chip

As for the event itself, Google is likely to place a particular emphasis on the Soli radar chip included in the Pixel 4, which enables a raft of facial recognition and air gesture features. There have also been suggestions that, in an age of ultra-expensive smartphones, Google will trim the price of the Pixel 4, and position its device as a relatively affordable handset.

Update: Their event showcased a great few things. It was full of privacy and sustainability bits, and of course the new Pixel 4. Read our full rundown.
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