OnePlus 8 to move to a hole-punch camera instead of a pop-out in new leaked images

Despite the recent release of the OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro, inside information about the next OnePlus smartphone is already appearing. It is highly likely that this handset will be branded the OnePlus 8, and a new release from noted leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer – better known as Onleaks – has teased some of the features included in their next flagship.

The OnePlus 8 leaked images showing the front and back with hole-punch camera
The OnePlus 8 will reportedly feature a hole-punch camera. Photo: 91Mobile.

Cut-out camera

One of the first physical aspects that is obvious from the leaked images is that the display of the OnePlus 8 will completely dominate the front of the phone. But also noticeable is that OnePlus seems keen to eliminate the pop-up selfie camera that was found on this year’s models, instead switching to a corner hole-punch camera design that is rather similar to the Samsung Galaxy S10.

The curved screen included in the OnePlus 8 is also reported to be 6.65-inches in size, which is almost identical to, but slightly smaller than, the 6.67-inch display of the OnePlus 7 Pro. This would imply that the OnePlus 8 Pro if indeed such a device is ultimately released, will have a bigger display, possibly in excess of 7-inches.

The OnePlus8 leaked phone showing front and back
The OnePlus 8 is expected to have entry-level and Pro versions. Photo: 91Mobile.

Three rear cameras

Other data regarding the OnePlus 8 suggested that the manufacturer will not update the 90Hz refresh rate that has been included in recent releases. But the rear of the OnePlus 8 will seemingly include three cameras, alongside what is purported to be a brand new time-of-flight sensor that could assist with augmented reality functionality.

The camera of the leaked OnePlus 8 phone
OnePlus has a 2% share of the mobile market currently. Photo: 91Mobile.

The three camera setup will also deliver superior portrait photographs, although no information has been forthcoming regarding the resolution of the cameras included.

Another leak from the legendary Hemmerstoffer recently suggested that the next OnePlus releases will also embrace the wireless charging that has been conspicuous by its absence in releases from the company thus far. It is also suggested by @onleaks that there will be two versions of the OnePlus 8, and that the entry-level version will not include the time-of-flight sensor.

Renowned insider

It should be noted that Hemmerstoffer is one of the most renowned insiders in the mobile industry, and that his leaks have proven to be extremely accurate on numerous previous occasions. For example, the tipster accurately predicted that the iPhone 11 would feature a square camera bump, leaking this information for the first time in January – eight months ahead of the release of the device.

Onleaks has also published accurate information about OnePlus devices in the past, so this latest leak should certainly be given due credibility.

OnePlus devices have often been critically acclaimed, but the manufacturer has struggled to break into the mainstream of the smartphone industry, which is dominated by the likes of Samsung, Apple and Huawei. Nonetheless, its current 2% market share is double that of Google.

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