Nintendo has accomplished something with the Switch and companies want in

The Nintendo Switch has proven itself a worthy addition to the Nintendo console dynasty, even after the initial quality issues which got it off to a bad start. Now it looks like other manufacturers are looking to get their slice of the action.

Alienware Concept UFO
Alienware’s Concept UFO is not available for purchase. Photo: Alienware

The Switch has put the fun back into handheld gaming in a world dominated by mobile games. Since its release in 2017, it has shown gamers and manufacturers that there is still a lot of potential in handheld games consoles.

Recent reports suggest that there could be some sort of successor to the Nintendo Switch just around the corner.

It’s not certain whether this will be a redesigned Switch 2.0-type device, or just a standard Switch with upgraded specs.

According to reports by T3, tech news outlet DigiTimes has received insider knowledge which suggests that a new Nintendo Switch model will enter mass production in the next couple of months, ready for a release in mid-2020.

With news of a new Switch in the works, we’ve also recently seen evidence that other companies have been developing their own Switch-style devices.

The Concept UFO

Among the many new devices on show at this year’s CES, one in particular stood out as, for a lack of better words, a Switch wannabe.

The Concept UFO is Alienware and Dell’s attempt to bring PC gaming to a handheld device.

Alienware Concept UFO
The Concept UFO takes inspiration from the Nintendo Switch. Photo: Alienware

Looking at photos of the Concept UFO, it’s certainly larger than the Nintendo Switch.

It has an 8-inch display with a resolution of 1900x1200p.

In terms of its basic design, the Concept UFO is very similar to the Switch. So much so that it has the same detachable ‘Joy-Cons’ on either side of the screen, which double as individual controllers for 2-player gaming.

Alienware’s device is also more angular and less colorful in its design than the smaller Nintendo Switch.

Hardware specs

At the moment the Concept UFO is a just a concept. Alienware hasn’t revealed any specific details about an eventual release date and even the hardware specs are mostly undisclosed at the moment.

Alienware has made clear that it intends the product to act as a mobile gaming PC, hence it will run Windows 10.

Alienware Concept UFO
The Concept UFO runs Windows 10. Photo: Alienware

Discussing the Concept UFO with Tom’s Guide, Dell consumer product reviews manager, Ray Watkins, said:

“This is going to be a full PC, so that’s that’s where it’s the first of its kind. It runs for Windows. It’s a PC in a unique body style”

Because the device is effectively a handheld computer running Windows 10, it should, in theory, be able to run any PC game. In reality, it may struggle with some games depending on how well equipped it is under the hood.

Alienware isn’t disclosing any specifics around the Concept UFO’s computing power at the moment. However, according to Tom’s Guide, the device is running some sort of integrated Intel graphics.

It will likely be expensive if it’s ever officially released, but the Concept UFO has a lot of potential, largely thanks to the Nintendo Switch.

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