Ninja and Mark Hamill will stream together on Fortnite in a collaboration I didn’t know I wanted

Top Mixer streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins will be cranking up Fortnite with Star Wars legend Mark Hamill this week, even if Hamill himself didn’t exactly look enthused by the prospect in promotional material…
Hamill Ninja
Mark Hamill will be accompanying the infamous Twitch streamer Ninja for some (probably inept) Fortnite play. Photo: Facebook.

Cross-promotion content

The stream will from part of a cross-promotion between the soon to be released Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, and related content released in Fortnite. Epic Games has included skins of the characters from the series, lightsabers, gliders, and a TIE Fighter crash site in its Star Wars tie-in.

Collaborations between the video game and movie worlds are increasingly common nowadays, but this latest Ninja / Hamill collab can be considered a slightly odd one.

Not least because Hamill has previously stated that he has absolutely no interest in video games (as his expression somewhat belied!).

This information arose around the time that Star Wars Battlefront 2 debuted, when publishers EA faced a huge amount of criticism for what gamers perceived to be greedy ‘loot box’ in-game mechanics. Hamill was subsequently asked for his opinion on the matter, and divulged that he had absolutely no idea about the controversy, and doesn’t play video games at all.

Mark Hamill Ninja
New Star Wars content has been released for Fortnite ahead of the forthcoming Star Wars movie. Photo: Facebook.

Learning curve

So while it’s a nice gimmick to have Luke Skywalker himself cranking up Fortnite to play with the biggest streamer now exclusively on Mixer, in reality it is, well, pretty pointless! There is little doubt that Hamill will be completely useless at the game, as Fortnite isn’t exactly a shallow learning curve for someone who has, you know, never played video games before!

Still, those wanting to witness what promises to be a train wreck can tune in on Ninja’s Mixer channel on Thursday December 19, which is precisely one day before the movie is released. What will possibly be more interesting than the gaming is that Hamill has seemingly agreed to discuss a few related topics, so we may learn more about some of the background to the movie, and some carefully selected titbits of information.

It’s probably enough for avid Star Wars fans to tune in, while any Ninja stream is guaranteed to do massive business. But anyone outside of those categories is more likely to encounter a non-plussed, confused and unenthusiastic actor, going through the Fortnite motions, and trotting out a few tired anecdotes that reveal absolutely nothing of consequence!

Star Wars Fortnite
The latest Star Wars movie will reportedly end the sage of Luke Skywalker, and signal the final appearance of Mark Hamill. Photo:

Trailer released

The Star Wars movie itself promises to be far more interesting, while the Fortnite content should be a hit with gamers. Epic and Disney released a new trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker over the weekend, and the combination of probably the most popular movie franchise in history, and a vastly popular video game, is obviously a winner.

Star Wars fans will be eagerly awaiting the release of the latest in the Star Wars series, with remnants of the Resistance facing the First Order, while the movie also promises to bring the Skywalker saga to a definitive conclusion.

[19/12/19] Update: Added in Ninja being a Mixer streamer and corrected him playing for Twitch
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