Netflix is being phased out on aged Samsung TV sets

From the start of December, some of those with older Samsung TVs will no longer be able to use them watch Netflix. This is because the subscription service will no longer be supported on these models due to their limitations.
Netflix is making some changes heading into 2020. Image: Netflix

How old are we talking?

The BBC reports that consumers who bought Samsung TVs that were released between 2010 and 2011 may be impacted by the move. The tech giant was only recently informed by Netflix about the change before making a statement on the issue.

“Samsung was recently notified by Netflix that as of 1 December, the Netflix app will no longer be supported on selected 2010 and 2011 Smart TV models sold in Canada and the US,” Samsung said in a statement, as reported by the BBC.

Despite the TVs not being able to support Netflix, viewers can still use third-party devices to watch content from the service. Products such as games consoles, Fire TV Sticks, and Apple TVs can all be plugged in. Ultimately, it’s only the Smart TV’s formatted Netflix that won’t be supported.

“For consumers with these models, there are still many other devices supported by Netflix that can be connected to a Smart TV in order to access the app,” the statement added.

Samsung Curved Smart SD UHD 4K LED TV 65" HU8500
Newer Samsung TVs won’t be implicated. Photo: Kārlis Dambrāns via Flickr

Which models are affected?

Samsung TV users can check if their model is impacted by using a guide provided by Netflix. This list also includes a list of other devices that are supported by the video content service.

Additionally, it’s not just Samsung that is being implicated by the policy. Seven older products made by Roku won’t be able to stream Netflix by December 1. The models that will no longer be applicable include the Roku 2050X, Roku 2100X, Roku 2000C, Roku HD Player, Roku SD Player, Roku XR Player, and Roku XD Player.

Roku Box
Some older Roku products will also no longer work with Netflix. Photo: Mattnad via Wikimedia Commons

Market changes

Netflix faces fresh competition as the long-awaited BritBox was released in the UK today. The service is a joint venture between the BBC and ITV in a bid to host the best of British TV content. Classic TV shows and recent releases will be shown on this platform. Additionally, the service isn’t just available in the United Kingdom, it has previously been viewable in the United States and Canada.

British programming has a cult following across the Atlantic, with many North Americans taking a liking to the shows. Classics such as Doctor Who are watched by millions in the US. Meanwhile, the service will also host original content.

This move is the latest of many services trying to compete with Netflix. Amazon Prime is one of the strongest competitors to the streaming giant. However, new players such as Disney+ and Apple TV+ will hoping to change that as the new decade approaches.

Will you be impacted by Netflix’s move away from older Samsung TVs? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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