Netatmo’s new smart door comes with usable NFC keys

French smart home device company Netatmo has revealed the details of its new Smart Door Lock. The Smart Door Lock comes with NFC activated smart keys and Bluetooth connectivity to manage the lock via smartphone.
Netatmo Smart Door Lock
Netatmo’s Smart Door Lock allows users to unlock their doors with NFC Smart Keys. Photo: Netatmo

Yesterday, Netatmo published details of its new Smart Door Lock, which it says will offer an easier, more secure home access solution.

Netatmo has released a number of smart devices in the past, but this new product is the company’s first smart lock.

Going off the spec sheet, there are a number of features which should make the Smart Door Lock a good choice for security-conscious homeowners.

It’s been well-received so far, receiving an award in the ‘Home Appliances’ category at the CES 2020 Innovation Awards.

Smart features

The Smart Door Lock’s main feature is, of course, the Smart Keys used to unlock it. The Smart Keys rely on NFC to communicate with the lock, which opens when a key is inserted.

What’s more, users can add as many additional keys as they like to a single lock. If, for example, you have a large family and frequent visitors to your house, you can add and remove additional keys whenever needed.

Netatmo Welcome Smart Home Camera
Netatmo has released a number of other smart home products. Photo: Maurizio Pesce via Wikimedia Commons

But Smart Keys aren’t the only way to gain access to Netatmo’s Smart Door Lock. Users also have access to the Netatmo Security app which allows them to change a number of lock settings, as well as unlock the smart lock from their phone.

Smart Keys can be deactivated through the app, and users can also send invites to their friends, allowing them to temporarily share key access if needed.

Talking about the Smart Door Lock in yesterday’s press statement, Netatmo founder, Fred Potter, says:

“The Netatmo Smart Door Lock and Keys enhance security, and offer our customers unrivalled freedom. They can open and close their doors using their smartphones, and they no longer have to wait hours for a locksmith if they leave their keys at the office or inside the house.”

What’s more, the Netatmo Smart Door Lock does not rely on a subscription payment and it is also compatible with Apple HomeKit.

Security features

The Smart Door Lock is certainly a big step up from a conventional door lock when it comes to convenience and ease of use, but it looks like it’s a step up in terms of security too.

Hackers can exploit digital technology in a number of ways, as we saw with the recent wave of Ring doorbell hacks.

If a smart device not been designed and tested rigorously, a simple exploit could easily result in criminal exploitation, in this case people’s houses being broken in to.

Netatmo Smart Door Lock
Users can also unlock their doors using the Netatmo Security app. Photo: Netatmo

But Netatmo says the Smart Door Lock has been designed to withstand both physical and electronic attacks, having obtained “the strictest industry certifications”.

Specifically, the lock has obtained the A2P, BZ+ and SKG*** security certifications, which only the most secure locks in Europe can claim to hold.

Additionally, the lock is not connected to the internet at all. All data is stored on the lock itself, and the only outside data access it has (apart from NFC) is Bluetooth. Users can see a record of all door access attempts via the app, and the lock is fitted with an accelerometer which can detect if someone is trying to break in.

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