Murder confession recorded on a doorbell camera

Police in Travis County, Texas say they have arrested a man on suspicion of murder after his confession was inadvertently caught on a doorbell camera recording.
A Ring doorbell camera
A doorbell camera captured a murder confession after a tragic incident last Friday. Photo: Dick Thomson via Flickr

The Sheriff’s Office in Travis County, Texas arrested a 25-year-old man on Friday 27 December under unusual and tragic circumstances.

Michael Egwuagu was a former football player at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Last Friday he was seen emerging from a house, carrying a bloody knife, by one of his family members, Linda Mura.

According to Mura’s witness account of the incident, Egwuagu came out of the house and told her that he had just killed 32-year-old Jennifer Chioma Ebichi.

Not only was Jennifer Chioma Ebichi Michael Egwuagu’s own sister, she was also in the first trimester of pregnancy at the time of her death.

Following the incident, Egwuagu’s attorney, Krista A. Chacona, said that this is “a very painful and difficult time for the family.” She went on to say, “We would ask that people please respect their privacy and allow them time to grieve.”

Corroboration by a doorbell camera

According to Mura’s witness account, Egwuagu confessed to the killing, saying “I killed Jennifer” as he left the house.

But police will be able to fall back on a second bit of evidence which is even more solid than eyewitness testimony.

Arlo Video Doorbell
Doorbell cameras are now a popular home security measure. Photo: Arlo

As Egwuagu left the house, saying “I killed Jennifer”, a doorbell camera captured his confession on video.

Thanks to the video footage, police were able to corroborate Mura’s account of the events.

Similar incidents

Doorbell cameras a pretty new as far as gadgets come, only really becoming a common sight within the past couple of years. But they frequently provide video evidence of crimes.

The most common crime caught by doorbell cameras is without a doubt theft, in particular theft of packages.

So called ‘porch pirates’ are an increasingly common menace in many residential areas. Although it’s hard to retrieve a stolen package, doorbell cameras can at least provide evidence to assist police in their pursuit of package thieves.

Arlo Video Doorbell
Doorbell cameras often catch package deliveries and thefts on video Photo: Arlo

But doorbell cameras have also recorded footage of more serious crimes. As reported by Mashable, a particularly chilling video was recorded by a doorbell camera in Las Vegas on New Year’s Day.

The footage shows a woman running towards the front porch of a house, pursued by a man. After beating the woman repeatedly, he drags the woman away from the house and kidnaps her.

The footage of the incident was uploaded to Las Vegas Police Department’s YouTube channel, and ultimately helped them locate and arrest the suspect, Darnell Rodgers.

Thanks to the doorbell camera footage of last Friday’s incident in Texas, police should have a very strong case against Michael Egwuagu.

According to CNN, Egwuagu is currently being held at the Travis County Jail on the charge of murder. His bond is set at $500,000.

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