Move is a new type of supermarket that is set to shake-up the industry

Consumers are continuing to become more conscious of their spending habits, especially when it comes to groceries. Therefore, Move has managed to build a supermarket model that has a positive impact on the wallets of both the producer and the buyer.
Move cover photo
After three years of raising funds, Move is ready to deliver its intricately sourced products to its members. Photo: Move via Facebook

How does it work?

This startup is a members-only digital supermarket that was founded in January 2017 in a bid to revolutionize the way people go about their grocery shopping. It works with artisans across the world to deliver daily staples without the added pricing premium of branded goods.

Additionally, the costs added by middlemen are omitted with this process as the company sources directly from the producer and sells it on at cost price. Moreover, the firm purely earns its revenue from membership rather than product sales.

Move Supermarket Product
Move works with both local and international producers to source reasonable yet high quality products such as this matcha powder from Japan. Photo: Move

Savings to be made

Move has clearly gone for a wholesome approach with its products by offering full-bodies groceries that are not highly processed. The business has taken to its Kickstarter page to highlight the cost savings that its members can benefit from. It has compared its pricing to industry giant Whole Foods.

  •  Aged Cheddar Popcorn – $3 on Move ($5 at Whole Foods)
  • California Almond Butter – $8 on Move ($13 at Whole Foods)
  •  Organic Avocado Oil – $10 on Move ($14 at Whole Foods)
  • Almond Flour – $10 on Move ($12 at Whole Foods)’
  • Cave-Aged Cheddar – $6 on Move ($13 at Whole Foods)
  • Cold Brew Coffee –  $3 on Move ($4.50 at Whole Foods)
  • California Orange Blossom Honey – $8 on Move ($13 at Whole Foods)
  •  Dried Turkish Figs – $6 on Move ($8 at Whole Foods)
  • Dry-Aged Ribeye Steak – $16 on Move ($32 at Whole Foods)
  • Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee – $10 on Move ($18 at Whole Foods)
Move oat milk
The firm has decided to focus on dairy free alternatives on its milk shelf. Photo: Move via Facebook

The company initially had a goal of $50,000 in donations. However, it has now smashed that target with a total of $420,835 being donated by 3,659 backers.

Move Supermarket Fish
From vegetables to fish, there is something for everyone via Move. Photo: Move

Focused approach

Furthermore, Move is emphasizing on quality rather than quantity as it currently offers 100 well-sourced products. It recognizes that mainstream supermarkets sell 50,000 products on average. However, it promises that it will cap its own range at 500.

The company is set to start shipping its goods to its members this year. Despite it not starting deliveries yet, it has still managed to amass a community of 100,000 people.

Membership for the program costs $125. Thereafter, members can enjoy high-quality groceries, including vegetables, fruit, dairy-free milk, meat, fish, and baby food. These members will also receive free two-day deliveries when they order their goods.

Move supermarket jar
Nixtamalization is when corn is soaked and cooked in an alkaline solution such as limewater, which removes the majority of aflatoxins from mycotoxin-contamination. Photo: Move

A needed model

This project is set to have a bright decade ahead as the San Francisco Chronicle has dubbed it as the supermarket of the future. Altogether, there is a demand for this sort of initiative as consumers are more socially aware than ever when it comes to the global food industry.

Move peach
Parents of new born children will be happy to see organic, cold-pressed baby food on offer. Photo: Move via Facebook

By knowing that the producer is getting a fair cut and that the products are filled with honest ingredients, buyers can be more comfortable with their choices. There are also set to be some great cost savings along the way.

Abundary reached out to Move for comment on its launch but did not hear back before publication. We will update the article with any further announcements.

What do you think of this initiative by Move? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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