Microsoft reveals new Edge logo in hopes it will cut ties to Internet Explorer

During the summer, Microsoft released the beta test for its next-generation Chromium Edge browser. Now, to match the new product, the software giant has launched a brand new logo.

Microsoft Edge
The new logo of Microsoft Edge was revealed by Vishnu Naith, the Partner Director of PM-Microsoft Mobile and X-Device Experiences. Photo: Vishnu Naith via Twitter

Edgy design

In a bold move, Microsoft has opted to go for a multicolor approach with the new design. The spectrum starts with a shade of blue while the color transitions to green. This is unusual for a logo in the current generation. Apart from Google, most international brands are preferring a one or two-tone approach.

Ultimately, this shows that Microsoft is making a statement and highlighting a change with a new decade approaching. The new version of Edge is likely to graduate from its beta phase by the time 2020 is in full swing. Therefore Microsoft wants to mark the full launch with a bang. Furthermore, the design is a huge move away from the previous, Internet Explorer-like logo.

Perhaps Microsoft designed the previous logo to resemble Internet Explorer so that Windows users can easily identify that Edge is a new browser. However, now that it has been four years since it was introduced, the company is ready to give it its own identity.

MS Edge
The new version of Edge is in its beta phase. Photo: Microsoft

Revised platform

The new edition of Edge hopes to give a greater performance for its users.

“Our goal with Microsoft Edge is to create better web compatibility with better performance for our customers while ensuring less fragmentation of the web for all web developers,” Joe Belfiore from Microsoft said on its blog.

Internet Explorer had gained a negative reputation for its slow speed and lack of power. It held dominance within the browser market for a decade but the growth of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari saw it fall from grace. Even Microsoft’s introduction of Edge hasn’t seen numbers change in their favor that much.

According to Stat Counter, Chrome holds a strong 64.92 percent of the market share. Meanwhile, Safari holds 15.9 perfect and Firefox holds 4.33 percent. In comparison, Internet Explorer only holds 2.2 percent of the market, while Edge has percent.

Edge Browser
Microsoft hopes that the new version of Edge will help it once again gain ground in the browser market. Photo: Microsoft

Tough competition

It is not just web browsers that Microsoft has lost its grip over, but also search engines. Despite the number of campaigns that it has launched to promote Bing, it can’t compete with Google on a large-scale. Subsequently, the combination of Chrome and Search makes Google the go-to option for swift internet browsing.

So, with the overhaul of Edge, Microsoft will be hoping for a shift in the industry that it once had control of. The positive growth of the Surface range could be a key factor in helping Microsoft’s browsing services grow. Tech Radar reports that the hardware range has seen a 21 percent growth, with the company focusing on catering to the professional market.

Have you had the chance to beta test the new Edge? Let us know your thoughts on the future of the browser in the comment section.

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