Mercedes-Benz reveals concept car that looks like it’s grown straight out of Avatar

Mercedes-Benz has revealed a new concept car that was directly inspired by the James Cameron movie Avatar. Mercedes unveiled the vehicle at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, openly acknowledging the Avatar influence.

Mercedes-Benz AVTR car CES 2020
Mercedes-Benz revealed their Avatar inspired car at this years CES 2020. Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Scaly design

The concept car has been dubbed AVTR, and is particularly striking in appearance due to being covered in scales. Mercedes has described these 33 scales as ‘bionic flaps’, although there is little evidence that they have any physical attributes. But Mercedes’ Steffen Köhl commented that “the 33 bionic flaps on the back of the vehicle are reminiscent of scales from the dinosaur-like creatures from [Avatar]”.

Mercedes has also included a spherical wheel inspired by seeds from the Tree of Souls in Avatar, although the car does not feature an actual steering wheel as it is intended to be completely autonomous.

You can probably guess by now that the AVTR is not a commercial vehicle, but is instead a fun concept that Mercedes-Benz has produced solely for the CES show. There is no prospect of the car becoming a consumer product, but it did provide the German manufacturer with the opportunity to tap into a popular brand and movie franchise.

Avatar, of course, was a hugely successful movie for director James Cameron in 2009, and the long-awaited sequel is due to be released in December next year. The original Avatar generated around $2.5 billion at the box office.

Mercedes-Benz AVTR concept car
Everything about the car screams organic and Pandora realness. Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Electric future

The concept car was just part of the Mercedes-Benz showroom at CES, with the automaker fully expecting the future of the industry to be electric. The AVTR showcase was partly intended to promote the company’s Ambition 2039 initiative, which is intended to ensure that Mercedes-Benz remains “the most loved sustainable modern luxury automotive brand in the market”; if this is indeed true in the first place!

While the AVTR may not be a consumer product, it is intended to give some impression of the type of car we may be buying in the not too distant future. Certainly, many automakers believe that this will feature a combination of driverless vehicles and electric power.

The product is, of course, the result of what Mercedes itself described as an “unprecedented global partnership” between the car manufacturer and one of the most innovative brands in the entertainment industry. Mercedes has certainly done an excellent job in promoting itself over the years, with the brand currently rated as the eighth most valuable in the world.

Mercedes-Benz AVTR back
Just look at the scales or vents or whatever you call them. Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Sustainable components

In order to promote Avatar and underline its green credentials, the AVTR vehicle also features some notable sustainable components. Among these are organic battery technology, constructed from recyclable materials, and vegan leather, which Mercedes claims is the first and only microfiber that guarantees environmental sustainability throughout the entire production cycle.

The AVTR vehicle is just one innovation that has been unveiled at CES 2020, with self-sinking golf balls and flying taxis being other unusual exhibits.

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