Mario Kart Tour ‘Multiplayer’ is due to test this December

Mario Kart Tour
Mario Kart Tour will be soon be adding a multiplayer mode this winter. Photo: Mario Kart Tour Facebook page

New mode excitement

Tech Crunch reports that this beta mode will only available for those who splash out $4.99 a month for the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass. This subscription gives users faster 200cc racing, special Gold Challenges and the chance to obtain Gold Gifts.

Even though Mario Kart is free to begin with, it has been criticised for its pay-to-progress feel. Many other modern mobile gaming services have dropped this “freemium” approach, such as Apple Arcade and Google Stadia offering unlimited gaming on multiple titles for the same fee a month.

So, now it makes sense why the multiplayer feature was visible but inactive from the launch. Nintendo wanted to introduce this feature as part of its Gold Pass as an incentive for users to hand over their cash.

Large prospects

Mario Kart has been a staple in family gaming since the early 1990s. The game has managed to adapt from console to console while holding the same concept of gameplay. It is now the biggest Nintendo mobile release since Pokémon GO in the summer of 2016.

Mario Kart History
How Mario Kart had developed before the release of Mario Kart Tour. Photo: AntMan3001 via Flickr

Mario Kart Tour was downloaded more than 10 million times on its first day. This means that it had beaten Pokémon GO’s record of 6.7 million downloads. By adding a multiplayer feature, it could become the biggest multiplayer game on mobile gaming of all time. The franchise’s popularity, along with Nintendo’s experience, could help the game achieve that.

Recently, Nintendo also released a special Halloween Tour for a limited time. This mode is only available between October 22 till November 5 to mark the holiday. This move shows that the firm will find ways to keep Mario Kart Tour fresh in the immediate future. New tours, maps, characters and modes will play their part to keep the momentum going.

Mario Kart Your Halloween
Nintendo released a special Halloween tour for the game at the end of last month. Photo: Mario Kart Tour Facebook page

Market Adaptation

It will be interesting to see how Nintendo responds to changes in gaming business models in the new decade. With subscription and cloud gaming services becoming more and more popular, the brand may be forced to revise its pricing strategy.

Perhaps we could see a Nintendo subscription service, with multiple games from the company available under one package. Nonetheless, the company always finds a way to adapt with changing gaming market condition. Starting out as a card company back in the 19th century, Nintendo has used new technologies over the years to keep relevant in the industry.

What do you think of Mario Kart Tour so far? Let us know your thoughts about the upcoming multiplayer mode in the comment section.

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