With Magic Leap’s AR Spotify app you can hang your stunning albums on the wall

Magic Leap Spotify
Magic Leap enables you to transform your home with music-related art. Photo: Magic Leap

Stunning albums

Magic Leap makes it possible to hang albums, artists, and tracks at specific locations, often dotted around your home. This then offers the potential to create different soundscapes for every room in a house.

While Magic Leap is compatible with a variety of programs, Spotify has been the first software package on Magic Leap to take advantage of the platform’s Background Music Service. This API makes it possible to continue listening to music even while using another application. And the integration of the headset with Spotify’s other apps means that you don’t even need to take off the headset in order to play different songs and albums.

Magic Leap is an augmented reality app, with the ability to display a three-dimensional Spotify interface on top of any device. Magic Leap also makes it possible to rapidly switch between playlists, as you move from one room to another.

Magic Leap headset
The Magic Leap headset has raised over $2.5 billion in funding. Photo: Magic Leap.

Premium subscription

Spotify users wanting to take advantage of the Magic Leap app will require a premium subscription, though. While Spotify has been early to the party on the Magic Leap, it will also sit alongside an expanding collection of applications that are already available for the augmented reality headset.

Magic Leap was first released last year, with a developer edition retailing at $2,295. Aside from music applications, the first release of the Magic Leap project included a range of games, including Angry Birds: First Person Slingshot and Star Wars: Project Porg. Video-focused apps such as CNN were also included, while the NBA also released a software plug-in for the service.

The Magic Leap headset is designed with tiny speakers placed near the ears of users, with the facility to plug a headphone jack into the unit as well. A major patch for the Magic Leap device offered the aforementioned ability for the headset to play music in the background while other apps are being used, with Spotify being the first music app on the platform to take advantage of this feature.

Magic Leap Health
Magic Leap also offers health-related functionality, as developers continue to expand the project. Photo: Magic Leap.

Funding round

Magic Leap announced recently that it will embark on a big funding round in the foreseeable future, with the intention of expanding is content and developer ecosystems. The developers of the hardware also want to work on a second generation device, which would then be released to consumers once completed.

The project has already been highly successful with funding, and Magic Leap made headline news in April when it raised $280 million from the Japanese telecommunications company NTT DoCoMo. This pushed the total amount raised by Magic Leap in excess of $2.5 billion, and its next funding round is also expected to be hugely successful.

Meanwhile, Spotify has become of the biggest streaming music services in the world, and boasts over 100 million premium users.

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