Leaked video shows Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip open and close

Later this month Samsung is likely to announce its next foldable phone. In the meantime, a video has appeared online showing how the device will open and close.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip leaked video screenshot
The video gives us a good idea on the device’s size and how it will work with one had. Photo: @BenGeskin via Twitter

Ahead of the launch on February 11th, Samsung has been pretty quiet about the device. A video however has been leaked online thanks to Ben Geskin that shows how the foldable will work using one hand. Originating on Twitter the video is short but gives us a sneak peak into what to expect.

To me, when fully folded it looks long. Very long. Almost too long for one handed use. When closed though it seems to be a nicer size. I’m getting Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance SP vibes, perfect for a bag or big(ish) pocket.

Time will tell if this video accurately resembles Samsung’s new device and how it fares against Motorola’s Razr. Expect all to be revealed at their Unpacked event on February 11th, 11am PST.

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