It will cost more than the price of a Google Pixel 4 to replace the Huawei Mate X screen

Huawei has revealed the component replacement costs for its top-of-the-line folding smartphone, the Huawei Mate X. Unsurprisingly, the foldable screen tops the list of costliest replacement parts but, at just over $1,000, it’s effectively like buying a whole new smartphone.
The Huawei Mate X was released in China last week. Photo: Huawei

Huawei’s Mate X has just been released in China, and it’s a very impressive phone all round. Not only does it boast great specs, such as 8GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage, it has an 8-inch, 2480 x 2200 pixel foldable screen.

After rumours that foldable smartphones were the next big thing on the smartphone tech horizon, they’ve finally arrived.

We’ve now seen a handful of smartphones with foldable screens this year. But, as you’d expect, they’re among the most expensive phones on the market.

Samsung’s struggle with the Galaxy Fold

Samsung had some issues with the first release model of its Samsung Galaxy Fold earlier in the year. Reviewers found that the screen on the $2,000 dollar phone broke after just a day or two of use.

Samsung worked on a fix which protected the foldable screen from dust and other material which lodged itself underneath the outer layer of the screen.

Even though Samsung developed a new, improved foldable screen, which will have undoubtedly given Huawei and other manufacturers some tips, broken screens are inevitable.

The Mate X’s component costs

An international release date for the Huawei Mate X hasn’t been announced yet, meaning the phone is only available in China for now.

Following the phone’s 15 November release, Huawei has revealed the costs for a variety of different components, as reported by Gizmochina. You can see the prices, in yuan, below.

Replacement costs for the Huawei Mate X
The cost for various different components ranges from affordable to outrageous. Photo: Huawei

As you can see from the list of components above, prices vary dramatically. At just 278 yuan, or $40, the cost of a replacement battery is actually pretty reasonable. The phone does have two batteries however, so it’s not clear whether this cost would be doubled in reality.

Besides the screen, which costs more than a brand new Google Pixel 4, the second most expensive component on the list is the motherboard. It comes in at 3,579 yuan, or just over $500.

While motherboard replacements aren’t as common as screen or battery replacements, $500 is still a big chunk of cash.

Another thing which is also unclear is whether the replacement costs released by Huawei include labor.

Huawei Office Building
Huawei hasn’t announced a release date for the Mate X outside China. Photo: Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine via Flickr

Labor costs can make up a large portion of a total repair bill. This means that the $1,000+ screen replacement cost could easily end up being significantly more.

Considering the Huawei Mate X is considerably more complicated than your standard smartphone, labor costs will likely also be considerably more than usual, especially for the foldable screen.

Given the Huawei Mate X’s exclusivity and its $2,400 price tag, customers lucky enough to own one probably won’t be put off by the incredibly expensive screen replacement cost.

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