Happy Holidays from Abundary

All of us at Abundry want to extend our warm greetings and holiday wishes to our newly formed audience. Without you we wouldn’t be where we are at the moment.

Abundary happy holidays

Abundary’s goal

We set out earlier this year to create a news platform that comments on technology. It was important for us to position ourselves in a way that reports on new advancements but also ones that spark a deeper conversation.

This decade has been one of the most pivotal in our modern existence. We’ve seen the birth of social change with Facebook and Google growing at exponential rates. As a species we crave interaction and the sharing of our experiences. Platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram have allowed just this. But toward the end of this year we have seen how our social paradigm is shifting and how these new players are out-growing traditional laws and governance.

This is one example of what we at Abundary want to discuss and talk about. For technology news, this couldn’t be more of a pivotal time to spark this conversation. As we find our voice, this is our aim content wise. We want to be in a position to share deep conversations while commenting on the very precise technologies that is fuling this change.


Since our launch in October we have over 350+ articles with a dedicated and growing team of skilled and experienced writers. It’s important that our team not only shares our mission and style of reporting, but also has a devoted passion for technology both at a consumer and industry level.

We also understand that the workplace is changing. The traditional 9-5 mentality is morphing to one with an open and flexible ethos. Our team is fully remote and completely respect this.

As a business we want to keep you the reader as involved as possible. We don’t want to become a platform that limits this conversation so we do show personalised advertisements through our articles. We try to keep these as unobtrusive as possible and understand that some news platforms limits, blocks or charges a subscription to access all or certain parts of their website. We wan’t to steer away from this.

Into 2020

2020 is going to be a big year. Not just for Abundary, but for technology itself. We have content planned that will help shape our mission and are looking at some exciting features to improve your reading experience.

We hope that you are enjoying how Abundary is shaping and we’re ecstatic to have you along with us. Please do get in touch if you would like to have a say in how we can improve going forward.

Again, thank you so much from us all at Abundary. Happy holidays and Happy New Year!

All the best,
Abundary Content Team

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