Google Stadia Founder’s Edition unboxing: what’s inside?

The time has nearly come for gamers to get their hands on the much anticipated Google Stadia. Ahead of its November 19th release, there have been a select few who have had the honor of unboxing the Founder’s Edition.

Getting started

This version comes in a white, midsize, rectangular box. The package is over twice the size of a standard box that a smartphone comes in. Unbox Therapy reports that on the base, Google shares a message for those who are about to get going.

“One place for all the ways to play,” Google states. This also repeated in French. “Un seul endroit, toutes les façons de jouer.”

When opening the box, the first thing users see is the Night Blue controller sitting by itself at the top. This color of the controller is only available as part of the Founder’s Edition, with other editions coming with the standard white versions.

Red Dead Redemption 2
Google has announced a number of big-name titles will be available on Stadia, including Red Dead Redemption 2. Photo: BagoGames via Flickr

Familiar look

Aside from the color, the controller’s design resembles a hybrid of both Xbox and PlayStation models. There is one D-pad on the left, with move cursors at the bottom. Then there are four action buttons on the right, with four top buttons for support. These read “A, B, X, and Y”.

There are also four smaller buttons in the center of the controller and one prominent button with the Stadia logo on the bottom. Ultimately, it holds a face design that could pass for a Sony creation with a shape similar to a Microsoft concept.

Underneath the controller’s layer is a reasonably long USB Type-C cable to charge the controller. Additionally, there are also some Stadia stickers for users to place at their leisure. However, the key feature in the box is the Google Chromecast Ultra. This device is needed for users if they want to play games on their TV. However, it’s not needed if they want to use the Stadia on their phones.

Stadia controller and Chromecast
The Google Stadia is only a few days away from being released . Image: Google

A streamlined experience

Furthermore, there is a charging brick, with a built-in ethernet port, to enable wired connection, as well as wireless. With these accessories is a small leaflet with another message from Google.

“The promise of creating one place for all the ways we play is a long-held dream. Today we are proud to see that dream become a reality,” it reads.

The Stadia offers the chance to play powerful games with a minimal amount of equipment. Gamers can also play simply with their mobile phones, or on the big screen. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Google is proud to send a message of creating an all-encompassing gaming experience.

Are you ready to get your hands on the Google Stadia? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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