Google showcases portraits for some of its staff’s Nest smart home setup

This year, Google reorganized the structure of its Home products under the all-encompassing brand of Nest. Today, the company released the much-anticipated Nest WiFi. In a bid to help the public understand the new approach, some employees of the company have shared their setups.
Google Nest
Google Nest WiFi was released today. Screenshot: Google

Nest previously operated separately from Google’s Home devices. However, the company decided to merge the product line to avoid confusion from consumers. Now, products such as Google Home, Chromecast, and Google WiFi are now all marketed under the Google Nest brand.

Story sharing

Subsequently, the Nest WiFi team shared how they set up their home networks. Product manager Pushkar Sharma states that because of his large house and an expansive backyard, it has traditionally been hard to get a strong WiFi signal throughout his property.

Therefore, he has placed a Nest router in his Garage and a WiFi point in his daughter’s room. Sharma says that this extends the signal to all rooms and even the outside. He can now talk to his parents via Google Duo video calls from his garden. Sharma also added that he loves Bollywood music, which he uses Google Assistant to play!

Essential companion

Producer marketing manager, Shea Ritchie added to her colleague’s points. She said that her long and old apartment in San Francisco has high ceilings and thick walls, which can make connectivity a struggle. She and her boyfriend decided to put their Nest Wifi router next to the cable box in the living room.

Nest Wifi
How the home network can be controlled from a mobile device. Screenshot: Google

“Our Nest Wifi router sits in there next to the TV–we cut the cord last year, so good Wi-Fi is critical for watching our favorite shows and sports without constant buffering,” Ritchie said in Google’s blog.

“My boyfriend works from home, so halfway down the hall in his office, we have his work’s access point plugged into the Google Wifi point we’ve been using for the last few years. Without the Google Wifi point in the office, his work network wouldn’t be strong enough for him to actually get online.”

Wide Range

Like Mr. Sharma, Engineering manager Melissa Dominguez also has a large house and backyard. She has chosen to place her router in her office, which is downstairs, while a WiFi point is in the master bedroom, upstairs. Dominguez shared that this placement gives great coverage for her house and enables her to use Assistant to communicate with while she gets ready.

Nest Mini
The Google Nest Mini will be well-supported by the Nest WiFi. Photo: Google

Finally, product manager Sanjay Noronha explained that his U-shaped house gives a dead-end for the WiFi signal. Therefore, he has placed a Nest router at the end of one of the legs of the ‘U’. In addition, he has placed a WiFi point in the kitchen, on the opposite side of the house.

“We spend most of our time in the kitchen, where having a Wifi point in plain view allows for a fast and robust signal where we need it the most,” Noronha said in the blog.

“Even our garage door opener is Wi-Fi connected, so we can verify we didn’t forget to close it after we’ve left home. I’ve got Safesearch turned on for everyone so we don’t stumble upon explicit content, and we have Wi-Fi schedules set up for the kids.”


Ultimately, the Nest WiFi looks to be a great addition to the home network experience. By collaborating with the rest of the Google Nest products, users will be able to enjoy seamless connectivity between their devices.

Nest Wifi is available now on the Google Store, Amazon, and other retailers. What do you think of this new product? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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