Pixel’s Call Screen gets a little smarter as it allows you to save the call audio for later

Owners of the Google Pixel 4 will now be able to access another exciting new feature. The Android 10 December security patch will allow the Pixel 4 to save call audio, and will automatically transcribe it for you.
google pixel 4 new phone handset
The stunning new Pixel 4 was launched at Google’s ‘Made By Google’ event. Photo: Google

The Google Pixel 4 is packed with interesting features which are noticeably absent on many other flagship smartphones. Most of these interesting features are AI-based, as Google has placed a heavy focus on software in its attempts to differentiate its latest flagship smartphone from its competitors.

The Google Pixel 4’s dual rear-facing cameras make heavy use of AI image manipulation to produce stunning shots, especially in low light.

But the Pixel 4’s camera isn’t the only feature which utilizes AI. According to reports by 9To5Google, the phone can also now do a lot of clever things when it comes to phone calls too.

Call Screen on the Pixel 4

Call Screen is a lot more interesting than it sounds. It’s not just a sleek new interface for when you’re making a call.

Call Screen is actually a set of Google Assistant capabilities specifically relating to phone calls, and it’s just got an important new update.

Going back to AI capabilities – Call Screen can now make use of AI to automatically screen incoming phone calls with a feature called Automatic Call Screen.

Pixel 4 teardown showing battery
Google has taken an AI-focused approach towards the Pixel 4. Photo: ifixit

Based upon individual preferences, Google Pixel 4 users can choose to allow Google Assistant to answer different types of phone calls for them.

Automatic Call Screen allows users to get Google Assistant to answer a number of different phone call types automatically. These different types of nuisance calls are spam calls, faked numbers, first-time callers and private numbers.

Automatic Call Screen is exclusive to the Google Pixel 4 and is now available with the December security patch for Android 10.

Saving call audio

Another exciting new feature which has been released with the December security patch is the ability to save audio direct from phone calls.

Using the Recorder app, users can select to record phone call audio, even when the phone’s screen goes to sleep. Pausing the recording then allows you to name and save the file.

But that’s not all this particular feature can do. It also automatically transcribes the phone call audio files, and even lets users search through the transcription for specific words, phrases or sounds.

The December security patch for Android 10 comes with some exciting new features. Photo: Google

Presumably, this feature is at least partially based upon the same AI which allows Android 10 to add captions to videos.

According to Android police, this feature is currently only working on the Google Pixel 4 with the December security patch installed. But Google says it is also going to be available on older Pixel models.

The Google Pixel 4 has been out for around a month and a half now, but December’s security patch should have been well worth the wait, considering how many cool new features it has brought with it.

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